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Ensuring the success of your deployment

Do you want to deploy a collaborative platform, a corporate social network or an intranet within your organization?

Our teams will support you before the launch and throughout the implementation of your project to ensure the support of all stakeholders.

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Talkspirit helps more than 500 organizations to change their way of working, thanks to its expertise in three main use cases:

Internal communication

Facilitate communication within your organization and bring your staff together 

Community management

Mobilize your community and create engagement with your members 

Collaborative work

Optimize team collaboration and improve productivity 

Find the agenda of the CSM team:

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Every month, available to all our customers, free of charge:


If you want to (re)discover the different administration features, when and how to activate them.


If you wish to (re)discover the platform, optimise your grasp of the tool and quickly gain in productivity.

Offers adapted to the specificities of your organization

Do you have specific expectations for your coaching? Thanks to our different coaching modules, master 100% of the functional scope of our tool.

Exchange with a coach

Since 2008, we've been committed to offering a human experience to our customers: more than a software, Talkspirit is a whole team at the service of your project. 

Here is an overview of our coaching process, presented by our crack team, because they say it best!

Step 1: Define the vision and your issues

Hugo talkspirit

Hugo - Account manager

Upon validation of your project, depending on your needs carefully assessed by our teams, a first workshop can be organized to prepare the launch of the platform. 

On the agenda

Define the deployment strategy
Identify obstacles and objections
Draw up a schedule of the first actions to be implemented

Step 2: Deploy the platform

employee talkspirit white woman long hair

Millie—Customer Experience Manager

With an established action plan, we co-construct a methodological kit to optimally set up your solution during a coaching session. 

On the agenda

The key elements of your user charter
Practical guides for your users and administrators 
A sheet to monitor your success indicators 

Step 3: Monitor and understand usage

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Adèle—Onboarding Coach

The adoption of a new tool doesn't just stop with the deployment! That's why we offer to monitor and understand the use of your solution and share the steps for making your project a success.

On the agenda

The development of a communication plan 
Functional training by role type
Tailor-made webinars for users

A contact person at your disposal 

employee talkspirit charles

Charles—Support Manager

It's important to bring peace of mind to your project. Regardless of the service package you choose, you will receive priority support within 15 minutes. 

To help you install Talkspirit in your technical environment

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Charles - Technical Expert

Would you like to discuss the constraints specific to your organization in terms of integration, security or authentication? A technical expert is also available to answer your questions. 

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