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Talkspirit enables you to bring together all the employees in your company and to improve information sharing, helping you work better together.

Added value Talkspirit
Gather your Talkspirit teams

Talkspirit brings your teams together

Accessible in SSO (via Outlook or Gmail) and open to all your employees - even without a professional email address - Talkspirit allows you to bring all your employees together on the same secure platform, to share your internal news, create links and promote exchanges within your organization.

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Talkspirit simplifies information sharing

On Talkspirit, you centralize all information and document sharing. Very handy to find them easily afterwards! Via their individual news feeds and groups they belong to, everyone can follow the evolution of their own projects and easily exchange via chat or video-conferencing.

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Simplify Talkspirit information sharing
Tool Talkspirit collaboration

Talkspirit facilitates collaboration

More and more often in teleworking, your teams need an easy-to-use tool that allows them to work together seamlessly, share documents and gain efficiency on a daily basis. Talkspirit is made for this and integrates : Secure drives , checklists, task assignment, co-editable documents, etc.

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