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Simplify the sharing of information, bring your employees closer together, and create links within your teams thanks to a modern and quick to use intranet.

Our best practices for a successful deployment

Prepare to launch

Deploying an intranet can't be improvised! Here are some tips to prepare the launch of your platform:

  • Create a communication plan to announce the launch of the intranet and invite employees to connect to it
  • Identify ambassadors who can communicate about the tool to their team, and show them how to use it
  • Create your first groups and designate facilitators who will be responsible for moderate
  • Define rules for using the intranet
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Train your managers and employees

Training your managers and employees is essential for the successful deployment of your intranet. On this occasion, remember to show them:

  • what the intranet is for
  • why you set it up
  • the benefits it will bring them on a daily basis
  • how to use its various features
  • and what is the role of each on the platform

Of course, it's up to you to adapt the time spent on this training based on your target groups.

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Guide the evolution

Getting people to adopt a new tool also requires ongoing support for its use. Here are a few initiatives that can be put in place to support this evolution of work methods smoothly:

  • Set up regular coaching workshops
  • Ask your ambassadors and managers to evangelize their colleagues 
  • Organize events and fun activities on your intranet to convince a maximum of users to use it
  • Get accompanied by the editor you have chosen
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Simplify information sharing and access

Distribute your news and important information to all your employees through the home portal and news feed. Connect internal and external information sources to accelerate distribution throughout the organization. Centralize your internal resources on a secure drive that's accessible to all employees.

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Home Portal



Strengthen team cohesion

Unite all your employees on a single platform, without distinction between headquarters and the field. Identify at a glance the job, expertise and location of each employee thanks to the directory. Create communities to encourage exchanges between different teams and reinforce their sense of belonging. Invite your employees to meetings and events tomaintain companycohesion.

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Webinars & meetings

Develop the commitment of your employees

Develop mutual aid  and sharing of ideas and best practices by creating groups dedicated to these subjects. Facilitate feedback from the field through chat and surveys. Highlight individual and collective successes, and encourage employees to give their opinion by adding comments under your publications. This will improve employee engagement!

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Why did they choose Talkspirit?

A leader in intranet

Talkspirit helps more than 500 companies, associations, and institutions to energize their communities and improve internal communication within their organization.

4 key advantages
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Simple, intuitive, and user-friendly, Talkspirit's interface is easy to learn for all your users. No need for training: you already know how to use it :)

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Use Talkspirit wherever you are and on the medium of your choice (PC, mobile, or tablet). Maximize the visibility of messages by inviting all your employees, even if they do not have a professional email address.

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Security and confidentiality

100% designed and hosted in France, Talkspirit is compliant with the RGPD, ensuring the security of all your data. Your Talkspirit platform is also private: only invited users can access it.

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Friendly, responsive, and efficient, our support and sales teams offer our customers a positive and human experience that meets their internal communication needs. Your suggestions and requests are what help us chart our product roadmap.

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