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Our best practices for a successful deployment

Clarify your needs

The first thing to do before setting up your collaborative platform? Define your needs, i.e., how you will use this tool. For example, are you looking to:

  • facilitate collaboration on projects
  • improve theemployee experience
  • encourage knowledge sharing between the different teams
  • to fluidify the exchanges of your hybrid teams

Once you have clarified these objectives, list the main features you'd like to have on your platform, as well as any constraints you may have, taking the time to survey your employees beforehand.

This will give you all the information you need to compare the best solutions on the market and choose the collaborative platform that suits you.

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Create a communication plan

You've found the right collaborative platform for your needs! Now it's time to develop an action plan to prepare for its launch. This plan can include:

  • all the elements you will communicate about before, during, and after the launch of your platform
  • the date, format, and channels on which your communications will be sent
  • the people you'll choose to be involved (general management, managers, internal communication, etc.)

If possible, try to also identify several ambassadors who can promote your collaborative platform, thereby boosting the speed of adoption.

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Train your users and administrators

Whatever the collaborative platform you are going to set up, remember to train your users and administrators on the main features they will be using.

These trainings will also give you the opportunity to:

  • demonstrate the added value of the tool
  • clarify its rules of use
  • explain where and how to find information on the platform
  • answer everyone's questions
  • Determine whether certain users need further support

Of course, it's up to you to adapt the time spent on training according to your target population and the collaborative platform you have chosen.

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Collaborate wherever you are

Give your teams the tools they need to work effectively, whether they are telecommuting, in the office, or on the move. Create workgroups to facilitate collaboration on projects with people inside and/or outside your organization. Boost your exchanges by replacing internal emails with instant messages or video conferences. Organize interactive webinars and brainstorm on a whiteboard to share ideas in real time.

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Chat & video conferencing


Webinars & interactive whiteboard

Increase the productivity of your teams

Track the progress of your personal and team projects via a module integrated with your collaborative platform. Create checklists and assign tasks to your team members to simplify collaboration on projects. Create and collaborate on different types of documents (word processing, slides and spreadsheets) with a complete and sovereign office suite. Check the availability of your colleagues in one click and invite them to meetings or webinars via theshared calendar. Set up your notifications to receive only the ones you want, when you want, and avoid losing focus.

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Project management

Online office suite

Shared agenda

Encourage knowledge sharing

Encourage participation and exchange on the news feed to stimulatecollective intelligence. Connect your favorite applications to keep everyone informed of new events and have the same level of information all the time. Create surveys to collect employee feedback and get them more involved in your decision making. Develop knowledge sharing, best practices and knowledge transmission by capitalizing all your documents in a secure drive. Make this information available at any time thanks to the FAQ chatbot, the modern assistant available 24/7.

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Why did they choose Talkspirit?

A market leader in collaborative platforms

Talkspirit helps more than 500 companies, associations, and institutions to streamline their collaboration and communication methods, all thanks to a collaborative platform that adapts to their needs.

4 key advantages
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Simple, intuitive, and user-friendly, Talkspirit's interface is easy to learn for all your users. No need for training: you already know how to use it :)

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Use Talkspirit wherever you are and on the medium of your choice (PC, mobile, or tablet). Maximize the visibility of messages by inviting all your employees, even if they do not have a professional email address.

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Security and confidentiality

100% designed and hosted in France, Talkspirit is compliant with the RGPD, ensuring the security of all your data. Your Talkspirit platform is also private: only invited users can access it.

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Friendly, responsive, and efficient, our support and sales teams offer our customers a positive and human experience that meets their internal communication needs. Your suggestions and requests are what help us chart our product roadmap.

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