Who are we?

As a European software publisher, Talkspirit has been supporting the digital transformation of thousands of SME, middle-market companies and institutions for 20 years.

Talkspirit Who are we?

Our Story

2004 - blogSpirit

The company was born under the name blogSpirit and developed a blogging service for individuals and professionals. BlogSpirit developed as a white label service, mainly for the media and major brands. Even today, the blogs of journalists from major daily newspapers are powered by a Blogspirit platform.

2008 - blogSpirit & Talkspirit

Social networks are emerging, and we've developed the Talkspirit solution. We develop many community projects and conversational platforms for large companies. Internally, we develop the first enterprise social networks.

2011 - The company changes its name

blogSpirit has become Talkspirit, and we're launching a new version of our social network: richer, more modular functionally. Talkspirit is positioned among the top French developers of enterprise social networks.

2014 - The platform goes collaborative

We have deployed more than a hundred enterprise social networks. Our vision and understanding of the collaborative tools that the organization needs has been confirmed. We decided to completely renew our product to make it accessible to the greatest number of people and make the platform a daily work tool for the performance of organizations.

2020 - Talkspirit totally revises its ergonomics & design

With the launch of the new version of Talkspirit in 2015, thousands of companies are deploying Talkspirit. The year 2020 is a new milestone, as the Talkspirit interface has been completely redesigned to make it even more fluid and pleasant to use. Whether at the office or at home, our users don't have to choose between user comfort and productivity!

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