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set an example by adopting the right posture

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Do you adopt the same practices that you recommend to your colleagues?

Why would they have the time and inclination to do something that you don't do yourself?  

Set an example for new users

Integrating a new tool into your work routine usually represents a significant investment on the part of your employees. That's why it's essential to set an example by adopting the right posture.

The switch from one mode of communication or information sharing to another doesn't happen overnight. So, don't underestimate the effort needed to help some of your staff to "change" their practices and leave their comfort zone.

The transition from a logic where information belongs to each member of your organization individually (each employee has his or her own mailbox and thus manages the requests he or she receives as he or she sees fit) to a mode of communication that allows information to be shared with all the members of a group in a harmonised manner, represents a major shift that requires your employees to adapt.

Some may have believed for a moment that it was enough to deploy a tool to let the "magic" happen: "If the tool serves a purpose, it will be used and will deploy itself". 

This is not the case!

The paradigm shift we are experiencing in the transformation of our working methods requires energy, rigour, perseverance and constant exemplarity. 

Here are a few pointers for setting an example on your collaborative platform 

  • Respect the rules of use,
  • Have a complete profile,
  • Avoid working on different tools,
  • Avoiding duplication of communication.
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