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Manage an external community on Talkspirit 

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While the ability to bring together a community of users is a real advantage, it also requires the establishment of workspaces designed and created to meet specific communication objectives. 

The quality of exchanges and relevance of information shared are what convince users of the validity of groups. This encourages them to connect regularly to the platform in the context of their work activities. 

Ensure the successful launch of your platform!

For your collaborative platform to be at the center of your community's exchanges, you'll want to successfully launch it. A rocky start on the tool will convince users less, and they'll then prefer to fall back on old means of communication.

Think about your groups' objectives before you create them

While it's obvious to you as project leader that these spaces meet a targeted need, newer users who're just joining the platform might not know how they work.

It's critical, then, to think about the objectives of the spaces you create before setting them up. A group designed and built to meet a specific need will enable its members to derive real added value.

Clarify the purpose of each space for your community

It's essential to clarify your project and its challenges, your objectives and expectations, as well as the objectives of the different groups that make up the platform.

Welcome new users

Don't hesitate to personalise your invitation messages to the platform to present Talkspirit and your project. Clearly define what's expected of each user in each space through a group publication: 

  • When and how do I publish? 
  • Which format? 
  • What information? 

Determine a level of confidentiality for each space

So start by determining the level of privacy in your spaces by asking yourself:

  • What information or documents will be shared within the group? 
  • Are these documents sensitive? 
  • Can they be communicated to all users? 
  • Are they of interest to all users or will they only benefit a limited group of users? 
  • Will all users of the platform be able to access the exchanges taking place in the group, or will only selected profiles be able to communicate in this space?

Determine which users will be able to join the group and participate in the exchanges

Answering these questions will not only allow you to set a level of privacy for the groups, but will also allow you to target the users you need to include in these spaces. 

Will all members of the group be able to intervene, react to publications shared there, and create and comment on new documents in the associated drive? It's all up to you!

Appoint a group manager to oversee the exchanges

We recommend that you delegate the management of groups to a group manager who—in addition to supervising the exchanges that take place in them—will ensure they meet the defined objectives and can change users' permissions as needed. 

Specify the role of the group manager on the platform

Through these efforts , you'll then create spaces for exchange and collaboration that benefit users.

Provide more information on the use of Talkspirit from the homepage

Share your community's information on the homepage

Make using the platform for all stakeholders by activating thehomepage. You'll be able to list the main contacts (called referrers), share information and events that will help guide new users in their discovery of the platform. 

Set up the platform to make it easier for users to get started

Think about multiple profiles and enable, for example, the option of translating your content on the fly for multilingual users.

Organize the launch of your platform

Communicate widely before the launch of your platform and define one or more launch dates. In the case of a large community, you can proceed with a launch divided into sections (companies, posts, branches, etc.)


  • one or more launch events by video conference to explain and train your partners in a small group. 
  • the participation of the sponsor through a welcome message on the platform,
  • the participation of managers who will be able to relay the information obtained to their teams,
  • an individual presentation. The change process must also come from the "other" for whom the change of tool must be adopted and therefore understood. 

Involve the community in the launch of the platform

Make it easy for your community members to get started with Talkspirit

It's not just a question of learning to work with new tools but of a change of posture in the relationship to information, communication and collaboration. It is therefore essential to give meaning to your project in order to involve its users: share surveys with them and gather their opinions in the organization of this project.

Users who're involved in the project to launch the platform will be all the more motivated and will participate in the success of its implementation.

Involve the community with the survey feature

Help users identify their contacts

It's sometimes challenging to find your way around and understand just who to contact for a user who's just joined Talkspirit. Who are the project leaders? How can we distinguish them from other users? 

Facilitate the identification of project leaders

Tip: highlight your status as a project owner by adding a coloured circle to your profile photo. That way, it's easy for users to quickly target your status from the different areas of the platform. 

Facilitate the identification of project leaders

Choose what information users should fill out on their profiles

You can customise the information you want to appear on members' profile sheets: a new user will have to fill out this information when registering on the platform. 

Fill out your profile and encourage the community to do the same

Don't hesitate to complete your profile by filling in your areas of expertise and the structure to which you belong to facilitate the identification of your profile by the members of the community. It's not uncommon for users in the same community not to know each other: a completed profile (company, position, and skills) will make it easier for different users to identify you and allow them to communicate and collaborate more easily.

Fill in your profile information and display your expertise

Or complete the user information yourself

You can update user information en masse by downloading an Excel spreadsheet and filling it in.

NB: only an administrator can perform this mass update from the Administration. 

Identify members of your community from the user directory

It's essential that each user's profile sheets are filled out These will be accessible from the user directory which will allow each member of the community to identify the different users on the platform, contact them, and work together on shared projects. 

Access the profile information of platform users from the user directory

The user directory will allow a quick search according to different criteria that will help you to quickly identify the right people.

Search for members of your community in the user directory

Recruit a community manager 

Setting up umbrella groups for exchanges on various topics is not recommended. Group members may feel drowned out by a continuous flow of information that may not be relevant to them. Such a group could then lose interest for its users and eventually die. 

Delegate group management to managers

Designate a community manager or community facilitator

The platform's users have many communication formats (articles, videos, photos, surveys) for optimal transmission of information. However, it is essential that the person in charge of moderating the community—gathered around a common cause, product, or project— creates commitment from its members .

The community manager will build community loyalty to the platform

A community manager could thus participate in building user loyalty to the platform by organizing events: 

They can then organize live meetings: Talkspirit'slive video option allows you not only to interact with your community in real time, but also to generate a replay of these exchanges in the group. 

Members of your community will then be able to see the information shared from offline!

Communicate live with live video

The community manager can also set up competitions or quizzes thanks to thesurvey option. This feature will allow you to involve your community and collect their opinion on the themes of your choice! 

We recommend that you use this feature for your competitions. If you do not need to keep track of the participants in the survey, we recommend that you use the anonymous survey. This will allow users to vote objectively. 

Share competitions with the survey

Give visibility to your publications to rev up interest in your community. 

Enhance your publications with attached visuals in the form of a gallery.

Highlight your publications by displaying visuals

The community manager will therefore have to write and publish new content that will encourage users to connect to the tool regularly.

He/she can moderate and supervise the exchanges in the groups

By assigning the role of group manager, you'll allow the community manager to supervise and moderate the exchanges that take place on the various spaces of the platform but also to monitor the commitment of members using indicators (number of views of a publication, shares, comments, reactions, etc.). 

For example, if a user shares content that is not appropriate for the group, the community manager can then move that message to a more appropriate group using the Edit Recipients feature or delete it. 

Thanks to the Share feature, the community manager will also be able to share information posted by members in other communication spaces if he/she feels it is appropriate. 

And monitor the various indicators 

The number of users connected each day and week, the number of publications shared, the number of chat conversations, and the number of reactions to the different contributions will all be key indicators that allow you to monitor the engagement of your community members.

Access the participation statistics on the platform

Create an editorial calendar or agenda

We recommend that you set up an editorial calendar using the drive's spreadsheet function or from the diary: take a global view of what's been done and what remains to be done!

The creation of an editorial calendar is necessary for optimizing, managing and planning your content creation strategy on Talkspirit.

Some ideas for columns that you could include in your document: 

  • the desired date and time of publication, 
  • the recipients (users, groups),
  • the publication format (survey, event, publication),
  • the importance of the contribution (very important, moderately important or very unimportant),
  • the main ideas to be shared,
  • the objectives of your publication,
  • possible visuals. 

Schedule publications

Schedule publications that should not be shared instantly

By setting up an agenda, you can regulate the frequency of your publications by indicating in your calendar the key dates for your company (anniversaries, product launches) but also for your market (regional and national events). We recommend that you schedule the sending of these publications once they have been created in order to optimise your working time.  

Compare the success of an event or process

Don't hesitate to share old publications to communicate on new events thanks to the share option: for example, compare the success of an annual event from one year to the next.

Please note that in order for the information shared to have an impact and to be relayed, you'll need to consider your community member's holiday periods. 

Get your members to respond 

We recommend you mention specific users to generate reactions and give more visibility to your content!

Re-engage community members with the

You can also re-engage a user by sharing an individual message from the chat room!

Publish regularly

As mentioned above, we recommend that you set up an editorial calendar and schedule the mailings. You can also include the community manager in this strategy.

Integrate emails with your groups in order to receive your communications within your exchange spaces. This integration allows you to set up an email address associated with a group. Any email sent to this address will be converted into a group contribution. 

If your community members are used to visiting certain websites to keep up to date with the latest news, you can integrate the RSS feeds of these sites into the groups of your choice. You will then be able to receive their latest articles in an automated way within the spaces of your choice. 

We also recommend the use of tags and hashtags to organize the different contents of the community news feed and make it easier for platform users to find specific information!

Label your content so that members can find it easily

Find ambassadors 

Use the platform to integrate ambassadors into your communication strategy. 

The ambassadors will be able to answer questions but also to address any objections raised by users of the platform. They will also enrich the news feed and encourage people to speak out on the platform. 

Include the most communicative users in this strategy: concerned and willing users will more easily speak up in the different spaces. 

The integration of a collaborative platform is an excellent way to encourage communication and collaboration within your community. However, in order for Talkspirit to effectively meet your moderation objectives, it's necessary to carry out a thorough reflection of the spaces that you're setting up!

Give your community a voice

Give the community a voice with the survey

Give your community a voice through surveys or discussion time on a dedicated topic. This will create commitment and a sense of belonging among your members. 

Encourage interaction at the same time

In addition, engaging content will get the community to respond and interact together.  

For example, you could invite new community members to quickly introduce themselves through a publication to allow everyone to better identify the platform's users. 

Get the community to interact

Incorporate reaction emojis to celebrate successes and increase engagement with your community!

The chat will also allow you to exchange in a fluid way on occasional topics that don't need to be added to a new publication. Thanks to emojis, you'll be able to share your reactions to information communicated by the community. 

Chat smoothly with the chat room

Talkspirit allows you to use a wide range of emojis to react to any message with a simple click. These reactions are a great way to celebrate the success of your partners or members, wherever they are. 

Videoconferencing is available at the click of a button: it allows you to quickly exchange views on subjects that involve several participants or ones that require a lot of back and forth. This live exchange will also be an opportunity to better gauge the opinion of your interlocutors and to understand their position on particular topics. 

Tip: With mobile applications, you can chat, react to posts in your news feed, and even join a video conference, no matter where you are! We recommend you download the applications to stay on top of alll the latest news of your community!

Best practices to give your sponsors a place on Talkspirit

Give sponsors a place on your login page

Do you have a sponsor for the project? Integrate it graphically and visually on the platform. 

You can then customize the registration page of the platform and integrate the sponsor's logo to give it visibility.

You can also create an account and a profile for the sponsor, and then include them in a group on the platform dedicated to your partnership. Users of the platform can then, if they wish, keep up to date with the news shared by the sponsor without being obliged to follow all these exchanges. 

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