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Thanks to its various exchange spaces, the Talkspirit collaborative platform responds to this need to encourage interaction and offers its users the possibility of coming together on a project or a subject to pool the knowledge and skills of everyone and thus achieve a common result. “

With file sharing, co-editing, various communication channels and numerous collaboration features, Talkspirit provides you with all the keys to carry out your projects and monitor their progress. 

Organise your work in dedicated groups 

A group is a space that brings together users on a main topic (news related to a place, a job, a theme, a project).

Create collaborative spaces

Create spaces for exchange and collaboration on topics of your choice with the groups.

We recommend that you post some key information in the group before inviting project participants. 


  • name the group clearly, 
  • determine confidentiality,
  • and create a chat room linked to this space. 

You can then invite project participants to join you and integrate your potential partners or clients into the project by inviting them to join the group as guests.

Create groups adapted to your communication objectives

Present the group's objectives

Start by publishing a welcome message that you pin : you can then describe the objectives of your project, introduce some rules of thumb and include a timetable showing the essential steps for its progress.

Share essential documents for your project

Share important files such as presentation materials, budget or design guidelines to enable users to understand the scope of the tasks at hand. 

Share essential documents for your project

Thanks to the group, you can centralise all the information related to your project and make it easier to find content. Group members will be able to easily find the elements essential to the progress of their professional achievements. 

The information will be accessible to everyone involved in the project, in the same way. It will no longer be necessary to wait for your supervisor's approval before working on your project. 

Follow the evolution of your project

The group also enables the monitoring of developments in the project. The project decision-makers will then have a global vision of the project's evolution and will therefore be able to make informed decisions about the actions to be taken. 

In addition, this follow-up will also facilitate the training of potential new project members. 

Follow the evolution of your project

Involve your staff in the project

The group will also encourage horizontal communication between employees, i.e. the involvement of members and thus greater social cohesion within your project! Involve the project participants in your exchanges and encourage them to react. 

Gather opinions

Bring your teams together and communicate from the chat room 

The chat allows you to discuss your project in real time: favour spontaneous exchanges that do not need to be highlighted on a group's news feed. 

Communicate with project participants from the chat room

Customise the chat room associated with your project to make it easily identifiable

You can create a chat room for all project participants and customise it. We recommend that you :

  • name the chat in accordance with your project 
  • to associate a cover photo with it so that the discussion is more easily identifiable,
  • mark the conversation as favourite so that it can be accessed first and therefore identified more quickly.
Customise your chat rooms

Increase productivity with instantaneous exchanges

Once the discussion has been created, you can easily share documents and information about your project with all the participants, who will be able to give you their feedback instantly. You gain in fluidity and allow your project to evolve rapidly. 

Your teams can therefore quickly become aware of the various processes and information associated with them, without going through validation circuits that could slow down their progress. 

You can work on other projects at the same time, as it is possible to switch from one chat conversation to another with one click. 

Share your opinion

With the Reply feature, you can share your opinion on a specific point and make it easier for your employees to read the different information. You can also react to what your employees say to inform them of your opinion on a specific point.

Tip: You can delete your message if necessary by simply selecting the relevant text and then deleting the selection!

Answer your colleagues on a specific point of the project

And access information wherever you are

In addition, the chat enables project participants to be brought together regardless of their geographical location. Thanks to the mobile application in particular, your employees can follow project developments wherever they are and access the latest information in real time. 

Easily find the information essential to the progress of the project

If necessary, you can search for specific information using the chat's intelligent search engine. This allows you to find information shared in the chat or present in one of the documents in the room.

Search for information in the chat room

Exchange through video conferencing

Sometimes it is quicker to deal with subjects that would require a lot of discussion, live. This is why video conferencing is an essential feature of collaborative working.

Exchange online through video conferencing

Increase efficiency through live chat

Video conferencing has many advantages:

  • it does not requireyou to set up specific logistics
  • does not limit you in time
  • and do not limit yourself to a geographical location!

You can join a videoconference from any connected device: a desktop computer, a laptop, a tablet or even your mobile phone. You can interact live with project participants wherever you are (except behind the wheel, of course!) 

Tip: You can also join an audio-only video conference if you are on the move. This way you can participate in the conversation and get the latest information.

Invite your colleagues to join the video conference by phone

Are you unable to join your web browser or mobile application? You can also join an existing videoconference by simply entering a telephone number and the password that a participant in the exchange has given you!

Share your opinion

Video conferencing also offers many features that will allow you to express yourself: 

  • Support what you say by presenting support via screen sharing,
  • Gather opinions and raise objections from the chat room. 

It will be easier to understand the point of view or the mood of your interlocutor by exchanging live from the video conference: it will allow you to share ideas or a position on a point more easily. 

Frame the exchanges

They can inform you of their desire to respond to something you say by using the Hand Up/Hand Down feature. You can then unmute the caller and let them speak. 

Easily participate in exchanges with freehand

You have the possibility to access the speaking time of each participant in the videoconference: do not hesitate to encourage the most shy to join the exchanges and share their opinions for a better progress of your achievements.

Coordinate and execute tasks

In this section you will find some best practices which will help you to better follow the progress of your projects. 

  • Mention your employees with the @ character when you want to obtain validation or information from them,
Mention users to solicit them on a particular issue
  • Follow the progress of your colleagues' achievements in the project with the checklist,
  • Assign a publication to the users you expect to take a particular action. They will then be notified and will be able to find the publication from a dedicated view. 
Monitor the progress of your projects with the checklist
  • Share a message listing the main actions to be carried out in your project using the checklist feature and pin it in the group so that it is accessible to all project participants as a priority. You will be able to associate each action of this checklist to one or more users. 
  • Measure opinions and gather feedback from your employees with the survey
  • Activate read/unread mode for a better management of your notifications. This will also allow you to get visibility on new publications without being alerted via a notification. 

Tell your team you are available 

Don't hesitate to give visibility on your availability so that your employees know when to contact you. You can share your status and indicate your possible unavailability. 

Share your status

Share your availability by filling in your status

If you are on holiday, for example, this will allow your colleagues not to rely on you, nor to follow up on you, and to remain waiting for information or validation from you, which could slow down the progress of the project. 

Enter the events you are participating in from the calendar

Enter the meetings and events you are attending in the Event section so that your colleagues can see that you are busy and therefore unavailable. You can do this by creating a new event which will be displayed in the calendar. 

NB: the Event section will soon be updated to include an agenda centred around the user rather than the group. 

You can also update your status to In meeting. Again, they can then work on a part of the project that does not require your intervention. 

Set up your notifications so that you only receive information that is essential to your work

We recommend that you set up your notifications to strike the right balance between non-information and spam. To do this, go to the Profile and Preferences menu, Notifications section. 

This will allow you to receive only the information that is essential to the completion of your missions and not to get lost in a continuous flow of information. Do not hesitate to encourage your employees to do the same: too much information could indeed discourage them from visiting the platform and thus limit the progress of your project!

Share your files and work in co-edition

You will be able to create and store your documents in different formats (text, spreadsheet, presentation) on Talkspirit. 

Organise your documents

Organise your documents by creating folders and find them quickly from the search bar in your drive. 

Organise your documents from the drive

Work in co-publishing

You will be able to edit the same file in parallel with your employees and follow the changes they make to the file in real time thanks to co-editing. React and give your opinion on the changes made through comments. 

Follow the evolution of your project thanks to the version history on Only office text

You will also be able to track the revision of your documents chronologically, by date of issue, through the version history. This will allow you to be more efficient when you want to review and compare the history of shared information.

Without information on the changes that have been made to a document, the monitoring of your project will be more complex. On the other hand, tracking changes will allow your employees to ensure the reliability of the information entered and will give your document credibility.

It is therefore essential that all participants in the project can compare different versions of the same document. 

Communicate in a format appropriate to the type of information being shared

Your groups will need to be populated with a variety of information and content to be useful to members. Communications can be done in different forms that will meet your communication objectives: 

  • share a webinar on a topic related to your project with live video
  • share visuals with the image gallery,
  • and measure opinions through the survey.

Integrate your favourite tools 

You will also be able to share files from your favourite spaces(Onedrive, Dropbox, ...) by integrating your favourite tools into the platform!

Underline important information 

When working on a joint project, it is essential to be able to highlight the importance and priority of certain information. 

Give additional visibility to priority information

On Talkspirit, you can therefore define your publications as important for the members of the group over a given period: this mention will disappear once the user has taken note of the information. You can also pin the publication in the group to make the information appear first in the news feed. 

And organize them

To increase efficiency, we recommend that you organise the content shared in a group by associating a label to it. This way, you can find all the content associated with the chosen theme or keyword in one click.

Associate tags with your content to organise it

Talkspirit therefore offers many advantages: 

  • the platform allows you to centralise all the information related to a project in a single space and to organise it,
  • it highlights the information that you consider essential to the realisation of your project, 
  • it allows for easy collection of feedback from project participants and follow-up if necessary,
  • it allows the creation and storage of documents in a dedicated space,
  • it allows collaboration on project-related documents, 
  • it allows fluid and live exchanges, wherever you are!

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