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Start-up Guide for the Directorate-General

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General management plays a key role in the success of a collaborative project: it helps to establish a framework of trust and to convince future users of the added value of the tool. That's why you should include it in your communication plan. But how exactly do you go about that? 

The role of the leader is key when you launch the platform

In this article, you'll find a set of best practices to help the general management to highlight the benefits of Talkspirit, bring credibility to the project, and encourage users to use the tool.

Whether you want to improve your internal communication or moderate communities, you'll want to involve the general management from the first day with Talkspirit. 

In addition to the implementation of a communication plan, you'll need to obtain the support of senior management throughout the project. The participation and involvement of senior management will create the necessary impetus for the platform's successful deployment.

The intervention of the manager is mainly recommended if Talkspirit comes to answer internal communication issues and aims to: 

  • develop the company's culture, 
  • improve cohesion, 
  • bring together all your employees, including teleworkers. 

Involving the manager in communication

Even before launching the collaborative project, the General Management must think about the way(s) it wants to use Talkspirit, in order to set objectives.

Following the development of these use cases, a launch plan can be put in place to communicate about the implementation of the tool. The manager can then share the following information: 

  • what the tool will be used for,
  • what role it will play along existing tools,
  • what its added value is and what benefits employees will derive from it,
  • how the tool works,
  • and any element that will present, explain and legitimise this change.

We recommend involving upper management as soon as Talkspirit is launched in order to facilitate deployment. It will then be able to communicate on the project outside Talkspirit (a few days before the launch of the platform for example), but also on Talkspirit, once the platform is in place. 

In this article, you'll discover how to successfully launch Talkspirit within your organization.

A message from the leader to his or her employees will have an important impact on the use of the tool and will motivate the members of the company to log on and get more involved.

Motivating managers

If bringing upper management into the project is important for proper deployment, managers closer to their teams can also legitimize the process of registration and connection to Talkspirit. 

Managers, who are responsible for motivating and engaging teams, have a key role to play in the implementation of Talkspirit. 

Their role is to set an example and foster cooperation by:

  • creating groups,
  • facilitating or appointing group managers to lead and monitor the exchanges.

With Talkspirit and its horizontal communication system, information is accessible to all members of a group in a harmonised manner, thus blurring the hierarchical relationships in force in the company. While the tool promotes social cohesion among employees and improves their quality of life at work, it can also worry team leaders who may perceive a loss of power. 

The management's discourse with managers prior to the launch must be oriented towards this sensitive point. In order to encourage the involvement and development of employees and managers, it's therefore essential to let them express themselves.

To convince managers of the merits of implementing a IT consulting company, we advise you to highlight the results that companies of the same size or in the same sector have achieved—particularly the long-term ROI. 

Welcoming new users and clarifying the challenges of the tool

The welcome note

We recommend the manager be one of the first to post a publication about Talkspirit. To do this, you can create a general group along the lines of @All-Welcome or @All-News, in which you will share news for all the members of the platform.

Pin the welcome note

Within this general group, the leader will be able to share an initial publication that can be pinned for easy retrieval in the group's news feed.

This publication could take the form of a message written in a publication. If necessary, the general management can take the floor in a live video to interact with new users of the platform. New users will be able to ask their questions live and get instant answers.

This first welcome publication may answer the following questions: 

  • why this tool? 
  • for what purpose?
  • what are the objectives of this project?
  • what are the rules on the platform?

We recommend mentioning all the members of the group in which the publication will be shared in order to generate a notification to the users of the platform and to give the message extra importance.

Setting an example on the platform

The leader will want to set an example in his or her use of the platform to encourage employees to do the same. 

Try to find ways to integrate Talkspirit with the tools users are used to, and demonstrate its ease of use and added value. If the platform IT consulting company is quickly adopted by senior managers, the whole company will follow.

To further engage employees on the platform, senior management will be able to show their presence on Talkspirit with a simple like—or even a comment. 

By seeing the leaders using the tool, your staff will know that it is perfectly normal to ask questions, and that they are even encouraged to do so.

Fill in your profile sheets

Similarly, we recommend that senior managers have completed profile sheets to set an example. This information will allow users to:

  •  easily find the various people they wish to contact from the user directory, 
  • and access to a clear and comprehensive organizational chart. 

Speaking on the platform

On Talkspirit, the general management can belong to different types of groups:

  • public groups for all employees on the platform, for monitoring exchanges at company level,
  • private groups, to work or collaborate on specific topics,
  • secret, confidential groups such as management or a steering committee. 

Although it is not the role of the manager to lead the groups, he or she may occasionally speak at high points in the company's history or on special occasions, for example to:

  • to wish you a happy new year,
  • encourage employees in a particular or difficult context,
  • celebrate successes, 
  • share monitoring articles on a given theme. 

These speeches can be made using the publication or live video functions, depending on the desired format.

Getting closer to the teams on the ground

Talkspirit allows the manager to get closer to the teams present in the workplace. This "proximity" allows him to: 

  • better understand the obstacles, problems, and conflicts they encounter in order to think about how to remedy them,
  • Understand what tools need to be put in place to optimize the working time and productivity of employees,
  • more easily identify success and failure factors. 

Visibility on these different points can help management make objective decisions to ensure that:

  • the success of his business,
  • and employee satisfaction.

If the leader rarely speaks in a group, he or she may be asked to comment on a publication in order to:

  • clarify a process, 
  • validate a topic, 
  • to propose a way of improving the existing situation.

Gather information useful for your daily work

Accessing information to facilitate decision making

If the leader only intervenes occasionally in the groups, Talkspirit enables him or her to gather information and opinions from his employees on specific subjects. 

For management, it's a way of keeping an eye on the difficulties encountered internally (understanding what needs to be improved, clarified, or left as is), and of asking for live feedback from employees. 

In order to debrief their teams' successes with their business referents, the manager can use the EventsThis feature allows them to create recurring events over a defined period of time and associate a videoconference link with them. This will allow them to plan their exchanges and share live the points of improvement that need to be put in place.

Thanks to the mobile application, the manager will be able to receive information on the move and not be restricted in his or her movements. The camera functionality will allow him or her to share a piece of feedback with the teams in pictures, during a site visit for example. 

To download the mobile app, simply click on this link: https: //

You can also create a secret individual group for each manager, for example, to assign tasks, share feedback, or discuss performance reviews of an employee. The manager can use these groups to stay informed about the projects going on in each department by having the referents post their priorities for the week in the group. 

Exchange with management teams

The leader can bring together the management teams to discuss the subjects of his or her choice. To do this, we invite you to create a committee/committee group bringing together these management teams. 

For specific points, the manager can launch a videoconference in the chat room linked to the group. These regular meetings can be the subject of an event creation in the Talkspirit agenda, to which you can associate a videoconference link. The appointment will then be automatically displayed in the agendas of the group members, who will be able to join the exchanges by a simple click on the associated link.


The intervention of the general management is strongly recommended when setting up Talkspirit in your company, but also throughout the project. 

Of course, the manager must ensure the involvement of the team leaders first, who will then ensure the employees' involvement. The manager can also involve the employee by welcoming him or her to the platform and demonstrating the usefulness of the tool on a daily basis. 

The presence of the manager on the enterprise social network doesn't mean he or she has to be asked for more. On the contrary, the platform allows the manager to have more visibility on the challenges and successes encountered internally—and thus to respond more easily.

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