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Group identity sheet

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The purpose of this practical sheet is to raise the awareness of a member wishing to create a group on the issues of management, moderation, and steering.
Create diverse groups tailored to your communication objectives

Groups are spaces for exchange and collaboration. In order for groups to fully meet your expectations and enable you to achieve your objectives, you must think about their construction. In this practical sheet, you will find all the keys that will allow you to create a group and to meet your expectations as pertinently as possible.

We recommend you:

  • define your objectives in the construction of the group,
  • define what kind of content will be shared,
  • determine which profiles should have access to the group's content and who will be able to publish or react to shared information,
  • define the rules of governance,
  • customize the group by giving it a name and a description,
  • determine if you want to promote the group!

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