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Managing the Home module

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Dear Editor(s): You're in charge of building the different contents that will be shared on the Home module but don't know where to start? We're sharing with you some recommendations that will help you get off to a good start!

The Home module is getting a makeover and offers more modularity. You will soon be able to organize the different blocks of your home portals and choose which format to associate with them. Choose from different modules:

  • a carousel allows you to scroll through different information within the same section, 
  • an article allows you to display the information statically,
  • an event allows you to share your company's news by associating a date and a time,
  • the referents module allows you to display the contacts of the people to be reached in case of questions. 
The different modules of the homepage

Each portal in this homepage module can be addressed to any of the following

  • all persons with an account on the platform, 
  • users with member status on the platform, 
  • users of your choice. 

You can choose these users by selecting them from a drop-down list, but you can also associate a set of users with them. 

User groups are created by the platform administrators from the administration. They allow you to automate the addition of new users to a group according to criteria chosen by the administrator (a position, a location, a field of expertise, etc.). This will allow you to easily associate the audience of a group to your portal!

A picture is sometimes worth a thousand words

Talkspirit allows you to communicate and share information in different ways. The functionalities available on the platform can all be declined according to your use and thus come to answer a specific need of your structure. We have chosen here to divide these use cases into three main categories for which we propose a model of homepage. 

1. Internal communication

Your platform takes the form of enterprise social networkwhere users log on to find out information and news about your organization. 

Internal communication portal
Internal communication portal

2. Collaborative work

You use the platform to collaborate with your teams on projects you have in common.

Collaborative working home portal
Collaborative working home portal

3. Animation of communities

You want to connect users from the same organization (in the context of internal community animation) or not (in the context of external community animation).

Community animation portal

organize the publication of the different contents

We strongly recommend that you prepare and organize your communications by implementing an editorial calendar, even more so if there are several module managers! This calendar can be built through the Projects module that we offer: easily list the elements that need to be shared and divide the management of the different information between managers. 

Editorial calendar through Projects

Write targeted contributions that are relevant to the reader

Here are some of the headings we recommend that you put in place: 

  • A section about
  • Explanatory resources
  • A word from the board of directors
  • A section that will clarify the place of Talkspirit in the daily life of its users
  • Dates and milestones
  • News about your company

1. The "About Us" section

This section will help you:

  • share the values of your organization
  • share highlights,
  • share important figures
"About Us" section

This article will be an opportunity to present your structure and its objectives as you might do on LinkedIn, for example:

  • What is your sector of activity?
  • How many employees do you have?
  • Where are your activity centers located?
  • What are your missions?
  • What are your ambitions?

2. Explanatory resources

We recommend that you share some explanatory resources with readers to help them get the most out of the platform.

You can find a start-up guide here. Also share on the module some of our videos that will further enhance this user training! 🔥

3. A word from the Executive Board

General management plays a key role in the success of your project: it helps to establish a framework of trust and to convince future users of the added value of the tool. It's thus essential to include in your communication plan. 

To learn more about this topic, please refer to our start-up guide for senior management

4. A section on the place of Talkspirit among the tools used

We recommend that you clarify the role Talkspirit plays in your users' daily lives so that they can better understand when and how to use the tool.

Why did you want to invite them to join Talkspirit?
  • What are your objectives in setting up this platform?
☞ What place does the tool have in everyday life?
  • Does Talkspirit complement other tools?
  • What topics will be covered on Talkspirit?
  • What topics will not be covered on Talkspirit?
  • Why won't they be?
☞ What do you expect from users on a daily basis?
  • Define usage rules that users will have to follow.
  • You will be able to create a user charter to share as a link to this article.
  • Clarify which modules and features can be used and how.
  • Clarify the devices on which users will be expected to operate.

Do they have to download the mobile application?

▻ The desktop application?

Please refer to our article on the academy for more information on this topic. 

5. Dates and milestones

Don't hesitate to highlight important dates and highlights of your organization in the form of an event.

For example:

  • the anniversary date of your company,
  • the opening date of a site,
  • the date of creation of a service/product.

By displaying this information, you increase the chances that users will remember the date!

6. Your company's news

Be transparent and communicate your company's news to get your readers more involved! 

For example, highlight:

  • the award of a contract to one of your teams,
  • meeting teams located elsewhere in France,
  • the employee of the month and the actions he or she has taken,
  • the review of a major project or the year just gone.

The objective here is to bring the reader closer to your organization by sharing motivating information that will allow them to become more involved in your company.

Building a homepage, then, requires a certain amount of organization: you have to coordinate your actions before making the various published contents visible. To do this, the Projects module is ideal: it will allow you to monitor these publications efficiently. Do not hesitate to clarify the place of the tool in the daily life of the reader and to share information about your structure to involve him in this project. 

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