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Integrate Talkspirit into your work routine

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Integrating a new tool into your work routine generally represents a significant investment on the part of your employees. It is indeed much more comfortable to continue to work as you are used to than to shake up what you know for a new tool that you will have to discover and apprehend.  

Interact easily and gain productivity with Talkspirit

This is why it is crucial for a new employee to quickly understand the different workspaces and their challenges. A clear and oriented path on the platform will allow this new user to better understand his role within the different spaces as well as the advantages of the tool. On the contrary, a shaky start will quickly dissuade new members from the platform.

Feel free to share a list of actions to take on the platform to involve your employees in their onboarding. 

We recommend that you share the following points :

download mobile and desktop applications,
set up notifications,
create new chat conversations and prioritize them,
integrate working groups and prioritize groups into favorites
to classify the documents considered as priorities in the drive,
leave groups whose communication objectives do not meet the user's needs,
synchronize Talkspirit calendar events to your Google, Outlook or iCal calendar.

Clarify the objectives of Talkspirit and its different spaces

We therefore recommend that you prepare a welcome message for newcomers to clarify your intentions and objectives in using Talkspirit: why did you set up the platform? What is expected from your employees? You can then publish this message in a general group for example. 

You will be able to associate additional media in different formats to this welcome message: videos, articles, surveys...

Once your objectives are clearly defined, make sure that each space can be correctly identified by the new user. Do not hesitate to publish a short message in each group defining the objectives of the group and the rules to be respected in this space. 

Your employees can now join the platform: make sure that everyone has an account on Talkspirit and that everyone has access to the groups in which they'll be working. 

We recommend that you collect feedback from your employees as they use the platform througha survey. This will allow you to understand the points you need to clarify and any possible concerns.

Communicate on Talkspirit applications

Downloading the mobile and desktop applications will offer your employees many benefits and allow them to better integrate the platform into their work routine. 

The desktop application will provide instant access to the platform, eliminating the need to log in again each time, while the mobile application will allow people to communicate and collaborate no matter where they are. 

However, it's essential to assert their right to disconnect: each user will then be able to activate and set the notifications they wish to receive to find a happy medium between spam and no information!

Integrate your company's current processes into the platform

Your employees may interact with different tools for a specific request. Which topics will be handled on the platform? Which topics will be addressed through another tool?

Will the absence request be made via the platform? If so, where? 

When you launch your platform, employees will likely ask you to understand where to find and dissiminate information they used to deal with in other ways. 

We therefore recommend that you set up a FAQ Bot that will allow you to answer the numerous requests from your employees. General questions can be answered through this channel, while specific requests can be handled on an individual basis. This will allow you (and the departments concerned) to continue to handle your daily tasks without being constantly solicited.

Encourage people to speak out on the platform

It's important for different spaces of the platform to thrive. We therefore recommend that you share content with high added value and involve your employees in your publications. 

Mention them for example! Thanks to users' reactions and comments, you'll create real spaces for exchange and collaboration.

The numerous (and benevolent) interactions will then encourage your employees to share information more easily. 

We also recommend that you appoint one or more group managers who can help monitor and guide the group's exchanges. They will also be in charge of keeping the group alive by sharing relevant content with regard to the objectives you defined at the outset.

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