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Factsheet: publishing and chatting

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Chat and publication

These practice sheets can be promoted to 2 distinct audiences: users or group managers.

They are to be shared in a general group for all users of the platform. We recommend that you put these factsheets in a publication in the form of an image gallery.

It is possible to communicate your information on the platform thanks to the chat and publication functions.

Sometimes it is difficult to know which functionality favor to use to communicate with your employees. Here are some elements that will help you understand which format favor for which information: 

  • Once shared, the post can be found in the News Feed while chat messages are available from a dedicated Chats tab. 
  • the use of publication is recommended when sharing official or important information, while chat should be favoured for fluid exchanges. 
  • the publication can be formatted, highlighted with the pin feature and organized with the tags, while the chat allows for an instant response.

You can find all this information by downloading our factsheets: simply select the button Download this material.

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