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Setting out with, explaining, and relaying a vision 

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Deploying a collaborative platform is neither an objective nor an end in itself. It's rather a means of supporting a transition or a transformation of working methods to adapt to an increasingly complex environment.

Exchange with your employees

Moreover, the choice to deploy a collaborative platform is most often a decision taken at the highest level of the organization with the goal being:

  • greater agility within the structure, 
  • a stronger capacity for innovation, 
  • greater cohesion and a sense of belonging. 

Ideally, the head of the company should support and carry this vision. This could be published on Talkspirit in the form of a welcome message at the launch of the project or at the launch of the deployment phase, after an initial pilot phase.

If senior management is not the initiator of the project, we recommend that you identify a sponsor who can provide legitimacy. 

We encourage you to communicate the concrete benefits that employees can expect from such a project, what they stand to gain. 

Here are some individual benefits you can communicate:

  • Less time spent searching for information,
  • Less time spent on the mailbox (filing, archiving, being solicited, etc.),
  • Easier to share documents, manage versions,
  • Less time spent in meetings (better sharing / synchronization),
  • A more transparent organization with a better understanding of what is happening in and out of the organization,
  • Greater proximity to peers,
  • A greater sense of belonging,
  • A richer collaborative working experience.

Actions to be implemented: 

  • Interview the leader or sponsor to write the welcome message.
  • Relay this word on Talkspirit and on the various communication media. 
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