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Talkspirit - Getting started with video

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Welcome to Talkspirit! You will find in this article some videos to help you to learn how to use the different features.

What's Talkspirit?

How can Talkspirit meet your collaboration challenges?

Discover Talkspirit

In this video, we offer you an overview of the main features of the platform.

For more information, please read our welcome article from this link.

Making a first publication

Publications allow you to share the information that's essential to your daily work.

Create a group

Groups are exchange spaces that allow you to communicate on a subject or a project!

Invite new users

Share with members of your organization or your clients and partners.

Download the Desktop application

Simplify your access to the platform by downloading the Desktop application!

Start a chat conversation

Exchange with your colleagues on specific subjects, in pairs or in groups!

Start a videoconference

Share with your colleagues in real time during a presentation or an online meeting!

Download the mobile application

Communicate and advance your projects wherever you are with the mobile application!

Use the drive

Create new documents or upload existing files to work in co-edition with your employees!

Download the support

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