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Which modules to activate for the digital workplace and how?

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Talkspirit allows you to meet different communication and collaboration needs. We distinguish four families of use: 

  • internal communication,
  • collaborative work,
  • community animation,
  • the digital workplace. 
Seeking to equip your internal communication and also allow your users to work? Your use case is probably the digital workplace! Your objective? Centralize information to allow your users to follow and collaborate on their projects while promoting networking.

To meet this dual objective of work and communication, we recommend the activation of all modules: 

  • the news feed module, 
  • the welcome module,
  • the projects module,
  • the library module,
  • the drive module, 
  • the events module or the shared calendar, 
  • the chat module, 
  • the videoconferencing module, 
  • the webinar, or live video module.

Find out how to activate/deactivate the different modules here

And to go even further, some features might interest you: 

  • directories (of groups, users, applications), 
  • birthdays, 
  • the survey.

The essentials

The news feed module

The news feed is essential to bring together participants in a project but also to address the internal themes of your choice. You can thus : 

  • create groups by process or business line, 
  • create general information and news groups for all users, 
  • create project groups to gather all related information. 

💡 Clarify the audience of each group created and the topics exchanged by setting up a clear nomenclature. 

  • Example 1(business group): @HR - Training
  • Example 2(general group): @all - the group / @all - welcome
  • Example 3(project group): P - Dupont Contract

With the news feed, involve your employees:

  • share reports and reviews with simple publishing, 
  • collect feedback and launch surveys with the poll 

Note: multiplying surveys on the same topic and sharing them in different groups is not recommended: favor publication in a general group and if necessary, share a link to this publication in other groups for better harmonization.

  • Follow the progress of actions to be performed with the checklist and assign users to notify them that an action is expected of them,
  • Set up idea boxes in the form of groups to encourage initiatives and encourage innovation.

To subscribe to all modules, contact us or select a plan from those offered here

Also, find out how to:

And to help you launch your groups, download our practical sheet here and use this template to build your group architecture.

The Home module 

The Home module is ideal for conveying values, highlighting initiatives and clarifying processes. Share a link to an idea box to encourage innovation and communicate important dates and events in your organization.

💡The Talkspirit advantage? Create multiple landing pages and target different audiences! 

To subscribe to all modules, contact us or select a plan from those offered here

And to help you set up your welcome portal, find our best practices in this article

The projects module 

The Projects module is an essential module for collaboration and also for internal communication when it's used as an editorial calendar. You'll be able to map out the main lines of a project and to perform a fine and quick follow-up of the actions in progress and to be performed—but also to follow the different contents to be shared on your platform. 

For example: 

  • Follow the organization of your corporate events and quickly distinguish the actions undertaken and to be undertaken,
  • Build an editorial calendar for internal communications and have it validated before publication, 
  • track the recruitment of new employees by department and quickly target the next steps, 
  • Welcome new employees by following a clear process and ensuring that they have all the necessary elements for an optimal start,
  • align your teams by planning out each partner's goals. Easily track their progress and develop them based on results.
  • Prepare your bids following an established process,
  • define a business plan template to be filled in for each new account concerned, 
  • build a table dedicated to the follow-up of your customers (health score, verbatim, quotes, services in progress): centralize information and offer a complete support to your customers,
  • make your product evolve by building a summary table of your customers' requests, available to your product teams! 

To subscribe to all modules, contact us or select a plan from those offered here

The Library module

The library is a knowledge base module: it allows you to create and gather all the internal resources and information your employees can refer to based on their individual needs. This module allows you to: 

  • improve the flow of information,
  • to prevent loss of knowledge, 
  • improve productivity and encourage innovation. 

Find more information and best practices on how to use the module in this article. 

The Library module is activated by default on your platform when you subscribe to a Premium internal communication subscription. You are on a Standard subscription? Contact us to upgrade your subscription. 

The drive module

The drive allows you to collaborate on different projects and can also be very useful for internal communication. It allows you to make the following available to your employees:  

  • documents related to the company's information
  • videos of the organization in free access,
  • photo files of your events like seminars, customer parties, and teambuilding
  • documents related to a project,
  • documents related to your offers and services (to share internally, with your customers, and more)
  • market watch or comparative documents, 
  • tutorials and practical information,
  • Replay of meetings or events through recording

Guide your new employees efficiently with a drive onboarding session and more! 

💡The +? With the OfficeNow office suite integrated into the Drive, accessible online, without the need to download new software, you will be able to: 

  • write your reports (following a videoconference, a webinar) thanks to the word processing tool and highlight them in a news feed publication,
  • work in co-edition on the same document in real time,
  • share and reply to comments to share ideas and make your documents more collaborative,
  • compare the different versions of a document for a more detailed follow-up of the progress of your work, and, if necessary, recover deleted information,
  • Create comparisons or benchmarks of other products/services on the market using the spreadsheet functionality,
  • prepare your presentations with the presentation tool,
  • manage your mailing lists or track the presence of participants at an event with thespreadsheet 👌

To subscribe to all modules, contact us or select a plan from those offered here

Also, find out how to:

The events module

Just like the projects module, the Events module is an essential tool for collaboration, team building (since it allows you to identify opportunities for exchanges by displaying the agendas of your collaborators) and for building an editorial calendar.

It's the basis for close collaboration between participants in the same project as it allows: 

  • to display the availability of the platform's users,
  • Synchronize Talkspirit events with the market calendars (Google Calendar, Outlook) in both directions, so you're always informed of the events you're participating in,
  • create regular or occasional collaboration opportunities, according to your needs, by informing the recurrence of events,
  • Easily generate webinar or video conference links that participants can join with a click. 

However, it will also allow you to monitor the publication of the resources you share: quickly identify the days to be favored for this communication by making sure you do not share too much or too little information. Select the dates at favor and schedule the publication with a dedicated feature

💡Le + Talkspirit? Quickly see who will and won't attend with the Invitation Response Request option. 

To subscribe to all modules, contact us or select a plan from those offered here

Also, find out how to:

The chat module

The chat module is ideal for sharing information quickly and efficiently, but also for promoting team spirit. 

💡The + Talkspirit: save time by sharing voicemails or joining a video conference and even when you are on the go with our mobile apps!

To subscribe to all modules, contact us or select a plan from those offered here

The videoconferencing module

Video conferencing allows you to exchange quickly and live with your interlocutors while offering many advantages: 

  • it doesn't require you to set up specific logistics: join the exchanges easily with a simple click,
  • it does not limit you in time, 
  • it does not limit you to a geographical location: no matter what device you have connected, you will be able to start and join the exchanges,
  • Features such as screen sharing, chat, and polling allow you to gather opinions, clear up objections, and back up your words,
  • it allows you to manage the exchanges (give the floor to the participants who raise their hands, identify, and encourage even the shyest users to speak up thanks to the speaking time feature). You'll then ensure better progression of your achievements! 
  • Exchanges can be recorded and then shared with new interlocutors. 

💡 The Talkspirit +: each member of the platform has a public videoconference link that can be shared with people who do not have an account on Talkspirit. Easily exchange with your partners, clients and candidates!

To subscribe to all modules, contact us or select a plan from those offered here

Find out how: 

The webinar or live video module

The webinar module allows you to take collaboration even further. With this module, you'll be able to: 

  • moderate interactive webinars with a large audience (up to 200 participants, without video)
  • present and collaborate on whiteboard, 
  • present and collaborate on documents of your choice, 
  • build collaborative notes, 
  • share polls to gather opinions and vote for the proposals that you prefer, 
  • Create sub-groups at the main meeting to discuss topics of your choice. 

To subscribe to all modules, contact us or select a plan from those offered here

Features to go further

The user directory

The user directory is a key feature when you have communication issues. It allows your collaborators to quickly target their privileged contacts thanks to a dynamic search based on criteria chosen by the user. 

To get the most out of this feature, we strongly recommend that all of your employees display completed profile sheets. If necessary, you have the possibility, as the platform administrator, to fill in the user information in bulk

The user directory is activated by default on your platform. For more information on this feature, please refer to our dedicated article

Group directory

The group directory is very useful for your users: it allows them to review all the groups created on the platform, to find out about the topics exchanged and, if necessary, to request to join the spaces of their interest.

With this feature, make sure that each of your employees has the essential elements to carry out their daily tasks.  

The application directory

The application directory is ideal for gathering all the tools that your employees use on a daily basis. Thanks to this module, you'll be able to make the tools that you want to see privileged available to the platform users.


The Birthdays feature is ideal for bringing your teams together as it encourages exchanges. By activating the feature, you allow your employees to display the birthdays of their colleagues and contact them to celebrate this special day with them!

To learn more about how to activate the feature, please refer to our dedicated article

⚠️ You'll need to have the Chat module and the Events module enabled to activate the Anniversaries feature.

The surveys

The survey functionality is also essential for your use case. It allows you to collect the opinions of your employees and, if necessary, to change the processes in place to ensure optimal progress of your projects. This will allow you to identify the obstacles and successes encountered by your employees and to change the processes in place. 

With polls:

  • assess whether participants have enough information to move forward with their achievements, 
  • assess whether the objectives, issues, and steps that need to be taken are all clear to everyone,
  • Assess whether your organization's processes are clear, 
  • benefit from new ideas and other innovations to be implemented.

In this article, you'll find some survey ideas to share with your employees. 

⚠️ You must have the News Feed module enabled to have the polling feature.

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