Discover the impact of Talkspirit for the members of this digital think-tank:

  • Achieving "zero email" exchanged internally
  • Improving the sharing / accessibility of information
  • Saving time in the organization of meetings
  • More member participation
  • Strengthening the sense of belonging

The G9 Plus Institute

Presentation of the client

Created in 1995, the G9+ Institute is a think tank that works on digital issues through reflection, debate and conferences that focus on one main issue: how can companies use the digital transformation as a lever for social progress?

Today, it federates around 30 alumni communities from engineering schools, management schools, political science schools, and universities—each represented by two volunteer experts. As they carry out their role in parallel with their professional activity, members exchange mainly at a distance and rarely in real time.

Its mission

The mission of the G9+ is to constitute a laboratory for exchanges and reflection on information technologies, but also to coordinate and promote various initiatives.

Initial need and context

Initial context

The G9 brings together several communities of alumni, all of whom work in parallel. Tired of relying on email, which became too laborious for organizing meeting, sharing documents and just interacting with people, the G9+ Institute opted for Talkspirit.

Why did you choose Talkspirit? 

There are 3 main reasons why the Institut G9+ chose Talkspirit:

  • Its ease of use, very useful for a quick onboarding of new members;
  • Remote collaboration: Talkspirit abolishes geographical borders and allows people to work together as if they were next to each other;
  • centralization of all information / documents on the platform

Terms of deployment

After a preliminary phase during which Talkspirit was tested in the office, it was deployed in 2016 to all members of the G9+ Institute.

Benefits identified

accessibility of Talkspirit information

1. Smarter information sharing and accessibility

As an association, the G9+ Institute must make a certain number of documents available to its members, such as its statutes, rules of procedure, or minutes from meetings. Storing documents in a classified/structured document database allows everyone to easily find and access the information they need—especially elements related to current projects (which are easily identifiable)! This system saves a lot of time for the Secretary General, who no longer has to send documents by email every time a member requests them. For example, after meetings, minutes are published in the group dedicated to the event, and everyone can consult them at any time.

organization of Talkspirit events

2. Save time in the organization of events

Organizing G9+ Institute events entails gathering around 50 members each month, which can quickly become tedious. Thanks to Talkspirit's group conversation settings, meetings are easier to manage, and exchanges are better structured (no more hundreds of emails to sift through!). Before each meeting, details are shared in a group dedicated to the event, and discussions around the agenda are managed in a structured way. Finally, thanks to the shared agenda (and connected to personal agendas such as iCal or Outlook), all meetings are noted. No more excuses that you forgot!

participation by Talkspirit members

3. More participation from members

Thanks to the "online polls" feature, members who cannot be physically present at the meetings can nevertheless take part in the association's debates and decisions. Thus, each member can make his or her voice heard and influence the choices / orientations of the association, which would not be the case if the meetings were 100% in person. Finally, when a decision is voted on, the association keeps track of the votes and discussion that led to it. All this clearly increases the feeling of belonging to the network and of each member's involvement.

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