Find out how this network of 36 caterers is using Talkspirit to transform itself:

  • setting up of business communities
  • mutual support and dynamic sharing of best practices between caterers
  • day-to-day remote collaboration
  • strengthening the sense of belonging within the teams of each caterer
  • Initiation of a new channel for feedback, ideas and suggestions.
  • boosting daily exchanges between employees (via chat and video conference)

Traiteurs de France

Presentation of the client

Les Traiteurs de France is the largest network of French caterers. Established in multiple regions, it operates throughout
the country to support its clients in their private, professional
and multi-site receptions needs. 

Its mission

To ensure the organization of your receptions while being involved in a constant process of improvement, particularly with regard to innovation and environmental and social issues.

Initial need and context

Initial context

With more than 1,500 employees, Traiteurs de France has a national reach. This is what motivated the deployment of Talkspirit within the network, to facilitate information sharing, transform the way of collaborating and increase internal synergies. 

Why did you choose Talkspirit? 

3 main assets of Talkspirit motivated Traiteurs de France to adopt the solution:

  • ease of use
  • Intuitive and accessibleplatform on all media (desktop, mobile, tablet)
  • responsive customer service and technical support

Terms of deployment

The project was carried out by the Network Manager. Sure of the interest of an internal social network, he first had to convince the Bureau and the 36 caterers to join the project. Subsequently, ambassadors were appointed throughout the network to deploy Talkspirit and achieve the initial goals (generate more participation and exchanges). The creation of communities focused on expertises or on projects was a real need for the employees, in order to facilitate their exchanges and the sharing of information on common topics.

Benefits identified

collective intelligence talkspirit

1. Fosters collective intelligence

Every year, during the national convention that brings together the various leaders, many ideas emerge from both sides. Talkspirit enables Traiteurs de France employees to exchange ideas more widely. Thanks to the chat, the groups and the news feed, it is easy to share messages, ideas and documents and to discuss them freely with the members.

link between members talskpirit

2. Strengthens links between members

Talkspirit brings together the entire network of Traiteurs de France and strengthens the feeling of belonging by promoting exchanges between employees (administration, chefs, etc.). The platform opens up the organization and makes it possible to fluidify and accentuate the ex-
changes between the members. Internal documents are easily accessible, which makes it easier and more pleasant to integrate new employees.

information sharing talkspirit

3. Stimulates exchanges and information sharing

The use of Talkspirit makes it possible to bring down information from the head of the network to employees and also makes it possible to share feedback with other members.

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