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National Forestry Office

With Talkspirit, take up the challenges of digital transformation


Too much software used in parallel

Public institutions are no exception to the scourge of the multiplication of software used at work. The result? 1/ information is scattered, 2/ employees are tired and 3/ team productivity decreases. There is an urgent need to reduce the number of tools used, by using a versatile and easy-to-use tool.

An often degraded user experience

The tools used to collaborate on a daily basis are not always the easiest to use. As a result, some public institutions are sometimes discouraged from modernizing the working methods of their teams, for fear of creating confusion. With Talkspirit, the CNES and the CEA have met this challenge with flying colours by rapidly deploying their collaboration and communication solution with minimal support.

Working environment
Need of information

A major issue around data protection

Data security and digital sovereignty are two crucial issues for state institutions. Choosing a collaborative platform designed in Europe and that hosts its data in Europe avoids exposure to the Cloud Act (a US federal law that allows the Department of Justice to order a US ISP to access data stored on its servers, even on those located outside the US).

Talkspirit meets the needs of public institutions



Disseminate important information easily, while reducing the amount of internal emails exchanged daily. 



Create links between employees by giving each of them a voice. Groups and discussion channels give them a voice and increase their involvement in projects. 



Simplify collaboration between employees by providing easy-to-use tools that improve productivity. 



In the digital age, technology has an important role to play, and one thing is certain: organizations that have already digitalised have a head start. So don't wait any longer!


"We needed a collaborative suite that was easy to use, user-friendly, met our security constraints and was compliant with GDPR. Talkspirit ticked all the boxes! The deployment was gradual but rapid. It took very, very quickly!

Céline Massy, Deputy to CIO and architect of the digital transformation of the IS

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A software 100% made in France

Talkspirit is entirely designed, developed, hosted and secured in France.

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A powerful and agile platform



Offer your platform in your colours, give it the name you want, and get started!

Multi device

On all platforms

With you everywhere, on PC and smartphone, 24 hours a day, seven days a week

Easy to use

Easy to handle

It's quite simple: you already know how to use Talkspirit ;)

At your disposal to help you

Talkspirit is perfectly suited to the needs of public institutions, as evidenced by the many successes of our current clients. Among them: the French Army, the French National Centre for Space Studies (CNES), the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA), and others. Do not hesitate to contact us for assistance. 


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