Working better together, in healthcare.

The internal social network Talkspirit facilitates communication and collaboration between healthcare institutions on a daily basis.

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A healthcare sector under stress


A challenging work environment

Staggered working hours, night work, intense physical effort: the daily life of healthcare professionals (nurses, care assistants, doctors, etc.), particularly in hospitals and clinics, is very intense.

A weakened work environment

Due to a lack of resources and manpower, the productivity gains generated in recent years have weakened the working environment for caregivers. Improving working conditions in hospitals and clinics is a real public health challenge to guarantee equal access, continuity, and quality of patient care.

Working environment
Need of information

A permanent need for information

Psychological, medical and biological risks: the pathogenic environment of health care institutions requires constant prevention and information for healthcare staff to ensure patient safety. However, aging information and training resources are often not up to the challenge.

Give your teams a boost with Talkspirit.



Talkspirit is hosted and secured in France.



Fluidify the circulation of information: distribution of messages, training, feedback, information and best-practice sharing—all in a few clicks!



Facilitate the transmission of information from one team to another and from one professional to another to improve responsiveness and quality of the patient experience.



Bring more clarity and flexibility to business organization by relying on groups that bring employees together by department and business line to share common information, documents, and events.


"For me, Talkspirit's main strength is its ability to eliminate the need to exchange information via email. Today, it's much more simple. It's a real day-to-day time saver!"

(Bénédicte Le Mouel, Deputy Director General

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A software 100% made in France

Talkspirit is entirely designed, developed, hosted and secured in France.

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A powerful and agile platform



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