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With Talkspirit, make exchanges and the work of agents and elected officials more fluid, without compromising the security of your data.

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With Talkspirit, take up the challenges of digital transformation


Reorganize and streamline internal and external communication 

The multiplication of emails disperses information and tires the brain. The internal social network Talkspirit solves these problems by equipping local authorities with a platform on which communication takes place in real time and in an organized manner. A new circular from the Prefect? Share it in a dedicated group to inform ALL employees in a simple way, so that they can relay the right information, at the right time.

Equip day-to-day collaboration between employees

Local authorities have a strong collaborative challenge because they have many employees working together, some in offices and others in the field. With its various collaborative tools (checklists, chat, shared drive, etc.), Talkspirit breaks down physical barriers and enables the coordination of the efforts of the various departments to manage projects both locally and remotely.

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Secure your digital tools

Digital sovereignty and the security of community data are crucial issues. Choosing Talkspirit means choosing a French software editor who guarantees this protection, and who is not subject to the Cloud Act (an American federal law that allows the Department of Justice to order an American Internet service provider to access data stored on its servers, even on those located outside the United States). 100% made in France, Talkspirit offers you peace of mind.

Talkspirit improves internal communication and collaboration between employees



Disseminate important information easily while reducing the amount of internal emails exchanged daily.



Create links between employees by giving each of them a voice. Groups and discussion channels allow them to express themselves and reinforce their involvement in projects.



Simplify collaboration between employees by providing easy-to-use tools that improve productivity.



In the digital age, technology has an important role to play, and one thing is for sure: local authorities that have already gone digital are ahead of the game. So don't wait any longer!


"Previously we would have managed with emails, but the documents would have been scattered left and right. With Talkspirit, files are shared directly in an organized, structured and centralized way. The latest news is all in one place, so we can discuss it live and act on it as quickly as possible."

Michel Gueit, Director of Digital Innovation and IT

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A software 100% made in France

Talkspirit is entirely designed, developed, hosted and secured in France.

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