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Talkspirit facilitates internal communication and the circulation of information within chain networks.

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Internal communication: a key challenge for chain networks


An often laborious flow of information

Poor communication with the field, scattered information, lack of interaction with headquarters... The proliferation of emails and business tools is a real scourge for internal communication. As a result, problems take longer to be reported to headquarters, and important information isn't always shared with the entire network.

Peer-to-peer support too little exploited

In their search for efficiency, operational teams withdraw into themselves, which restricts exchanges between brands and restricts collective intelligence. Too often, instead of sharing experience, helping colleagues and participating in internal emulation, everyone solves their problems by "reinventing the wheel," thereby wasting time and energy.

Working environment
Need of information

Fragile cohesion and sense of belonging

As they don't have an email address or business cell phone, many employees are often forgotten (or even excluded) from internal communication. Their voice is rarely heard or listened to... The gap that separates them from the head office and the other brands weakens the cohesion of the network and makes it difficult to develop a real sense of belonging.

Talkspirit gives your network a boost.



Streamline exchanges between headquarters and brands through chat and videoconferencing to facilitate information sharing and quicker escalation of issues from the field.



Better federate the network's employees and strengthen their sense of belonging by including them all in your internal communication. Give them a voice through surveys and highlight their successes.


Mutual help

Create business communities to facilitate the sharing of best practices and mutual assistance between peers. Capitalize on all the network's knowledge on a shared Drive to develop collective intelligence.



Simplify access to cold information (procedures, guides, leaflets...) and keep all employees informed of network news, even those who do not have a professional email address.


"Talkspirit strengthens the proximity with the teams, stimulates collective intelligence, and makes information sharing more fluid on a daily basis. ”

Vincent Viaud, co-founder and President - PUR Etc.

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