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Talkspirit simplifies information sharing, makes exchanges more dynamic and makes work more fluid, via an all-in-one collaborative platform.

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SMEs, mid-market companies, institutions & associations
Talkspirit has been designed to meet your needs.

Talkspirit internal communication


With Talkspirit: bring your employees together, facilitate the circulation of information and strengthen cohesion.

Team collaboration Talkspirit

Team collaboration

Thanks to our solution, you can streamline work with others, make interactions more dynamic and make your employees more efficient.

Community management Talkspirit

Community management

In just a few clicks, mobilize your communities, disseminate your key information and schedule your events.

Make your organization
more agile and efficient

With Talkspirit, make your internal communication and team collaboration more fluid.

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Bring your employees together, online

Whether they work behind a desk or in the field, bring ALL your employees together on a secure platform that is easy to use and accessible even without a business email addres.

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home portal
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access without email
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Fluidify exchanges,
boost interactions

Via Talkspirit, your employees can chat with each other or in groups from a PC or mobile phone, and interact very easily on a daily basis. No more meetings and no more endless email exchanges!

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chat & video conferencing
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audio conference
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emojis & GIFs
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mobile applications
Talkspirit video chat
Talkspirit Publications Groups

Energize your communities (jobs, projects...)

Exploit the full potential of groups: an ideal lever to multiply participative exchanges and stimulate collective intelligence. This makes it easier for everyone to speak up, get involved and contribute!

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publications & comments
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image galleries
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live streaming

Collaborate effectively on-site or remotely

To work with others, whether face-to-face or teleworking, rely on a suite of modern collaborative tools that integrate with - and can replace - your own.

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Secure Drive
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collaborative office suite
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document sharing
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checklists & task assignment
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Talkspirit Drive Co-publishing of documents
ALL the features

They trust Talkspirit

"Designed for professional use, Talkspirit offers a wide range of functionalities that enable regional communities and business groups to work and be in permanent exchange. The tool is intuitive and offers easy and immediate handling. It's a key lever in our digital transformation."

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Frédéric Fougerat
Group Communication & Marketing Director

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New products, digital transformation and changes in working methods: the press regularly reports on Talkspirit and news related to the "Future of Work".


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