Find out how this IT consulting firm managed to:

  • boost the sense of belonging and cohesion by investing in peer-to-peersupport
  • install strong mobile usage in a few months
  • encourage twice as fast reporting of problems
  • improve productivity by strengthening mutual support and the sharing of expertise between colleagues
  • be more responsive to the needs of its customers

Squad consulting firm

Presentation of the client

Squad is an expert consulting agency specialized in cybersecurity, virtual (cloud) infrastructure, and digital transformation. With seven agencies in France (Paris, Sophia-Antipolis, Aix-en-Provence, Toulouse, Nantes, Rennes, and Lyon), and another in Adelaide, Australia, Squad has nearly 500 employees. Most of them are consultants on assignment at the clients' premises.

Its mission

Supporting prestigious clients in France and Australia through 10 offices: Paris, Aix-en-Provence, Sophia Antipolis, Toulouse, Lyon, etc.

Initial need and context

Initial context

A highly fragmented configuration that made internal communication complicated and inefficient. Management's objective was to bring together all its internal communication on a tool where all the consultants could meet and exchange.

Why did you choose Talkspirit? 

The main reason  why management chose Talkspirit was its ease of use. In a field as dynamic as consulting, "working around work" is not an option and Talkspirit's quickly noticeable added value worked in its favour.

Terms of deployment

CEO Eric Guillerm had the tool tested for two months by some 20 members of his team. Once the test was validated, Talkspirit was deployed to Squad's 500 employees as the "official" collaboration and communication tool for the company.

Benefits identified

productivity talkspirit

1. More productivity

This is the decisive advantage highlighted by Eric Guillerm, CEO of Squad. Indeed, Talkspirit makes it easier for employees to share their questions, no matter whether they're technical questions (asked among themselves) or day-to-day questions (from Finance, HR, etc.). Thanks to Talkspirit, everyone gets answers more quickly from their peers or the organization, and becomes more productive. For management, it's a way of keeping a watchful eye on any internal difficulties and an opportunity to ask employees for real-time feedback. That leads to obvious and valuable time saving!

Tribal DNA reinforced talkspirit

2. "Tribal" DNA reinforced

With seven locations and remote consultants (on assignment at their clients' sites), communication at Squad could have proven complicated to organize. However, that didn't turn out to be the case! Talkspirit has centralized information and brought all employees together in one place—wherever they may be—and this has enriched Squad's "tribal" culture. The network offers all Squad consultants the opportunity to share information and news, and Talkspirit then acts as a "watering hole" where everyone can come and exchange and imbibe (content, news from the agencies, or the latest trends in cybersecurity).

responsiveness to customer needs talkspirit

3. More responsiveness to customer needs

Squad often has to respond to urgent needs from its clients, which requires mobilizing precise expertise, in a specific geographic location, often within a very tight timeframe. In this context, Talkspirit enables Squad managers to be reactive and efficient. As soon as a customer need is identified, the manager can locate the consultant with the right skills via the Talkspirit directory and instantly check the consultant's availability and mobility via chat so the mission can be staffed in record time. Talkspirit makes it possible to both offer consultants the right mission at the right time and respond quickly to customer needs. That's a major asset for Squad in a very competitive consulting market!

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