Transition to the digital workplace

Streamline collaboration with all your stakeholders, wherever they are. Communicate in real time with your employees and boost their efficiency with a digital workplace that brings together all the tools they need to work.

Our best practices for a successful deployment

Clarify your needs

First of all, think about why you want to switch to a digital workplace. Do you want to facilitate remote communication? Do you want to change the way you work? Or do you want to help your teams collaborate on a daily basis?

In addition to the "why" of the project, it's also important to clarify your needs by involving all your stakeholders (notably the management, managers and the employees). To accomplish this, we suggest you ask yourself the following questions:

  • What challenges do you want to address with this digital workplace? 
  • What tools and/or features would you like to see on it?
  • How many users do you want to invite? Is it only internal collaborators, or do you need to invite external people?
  • Do you have any particular constraints  like safety or accessibility?

This will give you all the information you need to draw up your specifications and choose the digital workplace that best meets your expectations).

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Prepare a deployment plan

Let's delve right to the heart of the matter: the deployment of your digital workplace. Like many other tools, there are no secrets: its success will partly depend on the efforts made during the preparation phase.

To put all the chances on your side, we recommend that you draw up a precise action plan, in which you will integrate : 

  • the people to invite on your platform
  • the communications to be planned before, during, and after the launch of your Digital Workplace, as well as their timing and format
  • the people responsible for these communications and for promoting your platform internally 
  • the first groups to create on your tool, and the contents to add to them before inviting your collaborators

Once you've prepared your communication plan you'll be able to launch the deployment of your platform with complete peace of mind.

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Train your teams

Your platform is now deployed. But the work is not over yet! Now, you'll need to train your employees so they can learn how to use your digital workplace.

Depending on your staffing levels, you may want to hold one or more training session(s), during which you will explain:

  • what is a digital workplace
  • its benefits and the problems it can solve
  • how to use its different functionalities (separating well those for users and administrators)

A few months after the deployment of your digital workplace, you should also consider testing the waters with your employees—particularly to find out if they're able to use it well and if they are satisfied with using it on a daily basis. Depending on the feedback from each person, you can then plan additional support workshops on request.

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Streamline collaboration

Facilitate collaboration within your teams and with your external stakeholders thanks to a digital workplace accessible wherever your are (whether you're telecommuting, in the office, or on the move). Create groups to simplify project work and information sharing between your different stakeholders. Discuss in real time via chat and video conferencing, and kiss endless email exchanges goodbye! Brainstorm and share ideas during your meetings with an interactive whiteboard and breakout rooms to split participants into smaller groups.

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Chats & video conferences


Webinars & interactive whiteboard

Gain in efficiency

Manage your personal and team projects and track their progress in one place. Create kanban boards, list your tasks in checklists, and assign them to your team members in a few clicks. Easily store and share all types of files with a secure and sovereign drive. Co-edit documents in real time with an integrated office suite . Schedule meetings via a shared calendar that can be synchronized with Google and Outlook calendars. Connect your work applications and all the information sources you need to stay automatically informed of new events.

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Project management

Drive & office suite

Shared agenda

Improve the employee experience

Centralize all your "hot" information in a news feed, and offer the possibility to everyone to react and share their opinion by leaving comments. Customize the content pushed to your different user profiles by creating different pages per audience on your homepage. Launch polls to gather feedback from your teams and get them more involved in your decision making. Develop knowledge sharing and best practices thanks to groups and the library, which allows you to store all your "cold" knowledge. Make this information available at any time with the FAQ chatbot, the modern assistant available 24 hours a day. What a way to improve the working experience of your employees!

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Why did they choose Talkspirit?

A market leader in the digital workplace

Talkspirit helps more than 500 companies, associations and institutions to streamline their collaboration and communication methods, thanks to a digital workplace that adapts to all their needs

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Simple, intuitive, and user-friendly, Talkspirit's interface is easy to learn for all your users. No need for training: you already know how to use it :)

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Use Talkspirit wherever you are and on the medium of your choice (PC, mobile, or tablet). Maximize the visibility of messages by inviting all your employees, even if they do not have a professional email address.

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Security and confidentiality

100% designed and hosted in France, Talkspirit is compliant with the RGPD, ensuring the security of all your data. Your Talkspirit platform is also private: only invited users can access it.

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Friendly, responsive, and efficient, our support and sales teams offer our customers a positive and human experience that meets their internal communication needs. Your suggestions and requests are what help us chart our product roadmap.

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