Best employee engagement software in 2024

Discover our comparison of the 13 best solutions to foster employee engagement throughout your company.

Best employee engagement software in 2024

Do you care about your employees' quality of life at work?

Do you think that development for your employees benefits your company's performance?

Do you value performance as much as the well-being of your employees

Check out our top 13 best software to improve employee engagement:

  1. Talkspirit
  2. Officevibe
  3. Peakon
  4. Bleexo
  5. Supermood
  6. Jubiwee
  7. Culture Amp
  8. 15five
  9. BambooHR
  10. TINYpulse
  11. Impraise
  12. Mood Work
  13. Zest

Bonus: Google Forms 

Choose the one that suits you best. 

1. Talkspirit

The solution that allows you to encourage and measure the commitment of your employees

Talkspirit employee engagement

In addition to being an efficient collaborative tool, Talkspirit helps you ensure that your employees feel involved in the company. Among its features, you have access to statistics on the activity of your corporate social network These include the number of active users, the number of messages exchanged, the number of groups created, the number of publications, etc. These are very useful indicators to motivate your employees, make the necessary changes and improve their daily employee experience. Talkspirit currently satisfies more than 500 customers.  

Key features:

  • all-in-one platform customizable to your colors 
  • activity statistics available to administrators 
  • user-friendly news feed  
  • possibility to create groups by job, by team but also by center of interest 
  • access without email possible to integrate ALL your employees 
  • mobile and desktop applications 
  • responsive customer service and user support (FR and EN) seven days a week
  • GDPR : data hosted in the EU (at OVHcloud)

Limitations/Disadvantages: Talkspirit is a "Swiss army knife" platform that allows you to both work and improve employee engagement, but it's not the ideal solution if you're looking for an HR-only platform.


  • paid plans from €5/month per user (and less with 500 users or more, and with preferential conditions for associations)  
  • free trial (15 days) 
  • free personalized demo 

Discover Talkspirit users' opinions.

2. Officevibe

The software that measures your employees' engagement

Officevibe employee engagement

Officevibe is an SaaS software designed to conduct regular surveys within your company by asking your employees questions on 10 different variables that include the quality of the relationship with the manager and the quality of professional feedback. That's useful for regularly taking the pulse of your organization and ensuring employee commitment.

Key features:

  • pleasant graphic interface 
  • varied and engaging questions 

Limitations / disadvantages:

  • integration with Slack needs to be optimized 
  • lack of personalization options 


  • Free Manager Essentials plan
  • Premium plan at $4 per month (minimum of five users)

3. Peakon 

The easy-to-use platform for team engagement

Peakon employee engagement

Peakon is not only measures employee engagement and feedback but also helps you take the necessary steps to make the changes your organization needs.

Key features:

  • continuous feedback tools useful for boosting individual and team performance 
  • "smart-listening" technology that goes beyond simple periodic surveys 

Limitations/disadvantages: a large amount of data collected which may require a special effort to be well exploited.


  • Essential subscription
  • business subscription
  • Premier subscription

4. Bleexo  

French HR tool ranked in the top 10 European solutions

Bleexo employee engagement

Bleexo is a SaaS software dedicated to measuring employee engagement and improving the overall employee experience. This solution puts artificial intelligence (AI) at the service of HRDs to promote management that is closer to your employees. Interested in the issues surrounding the feedback culture in companies? Dont hesitate to watch this webinar co-organized by Bleexo.

Key features:

  • complete suite of tools
  • flexible and customizable tool 
  • real accompaniment 
  • Customized KPIs (key performance indicators) 

Limitations / drawbacks: n/a

Pricing: request a quote on the publisher's website 

5. Supermood

The solution for conducting intelligent surveys adapted to your transformations

Supermood employee engagement

Supermood is a French SaaS software that allows you to evaluate the morale of your employees through short surveys sent every week. Each month, the HR department then receives a complete analysis report and can take the necessary measures to improve the quality of working life in your company.

Key features:

  • library of over 300 questions from scientific research
  • customizable frequency
  • customizable questions to fit your company's particular needs
  • automatic programming of surveys

Limitations / disadvantages: a solution that is still not well known :)

Pricing: between €1 and €4 per employee per month. More information on the publisher's website.

6. Jubiwee

The software that identifies your teams' engagement levers in 10 minutes a week

Jubiwee employee engagement

Jubiwee is a team management solution that tracks your team's feelings to enable managers and HR to prevent turnover and disengagement.

Key features:

  • the best usage rate (employees and managers) on the market thanks to a good design 
  • Customizable product (questions, pace...) that fit your company 

Limitations / drawbacks: n/a

Pricing contact the publisher for a quote.

7. Culture Amp  

The corporate culture management tool

employee engagement Culture Amp

Culture Amp is a SaaS platform that allows you to conduct employee surveys to improve employee engagement and performance. The particularity of this software is that it is particularly focused on the development of a real company culture in order to ensure the satisfaction—fulfilment but also the feeling of belonging of your employees.

Key features:

  • customizable questions
  • creating a survey is easy 
  • reminder / notification system 

Limitations / disadvantages:

  • useful survey template but new additions would be appreciated 
  • easy to use, but needs to be able to devote the necessary time to it 


  • Self-starter plan
  • Standard plan
  • Enterprise plan

8. 15five

The software that gives your managers the tools to motivate your employees

employee commitment 15five

15five is a tool that allows your managers to get frequent feedback, both positive and negative, to create and maintain a continuous dialogue with employees. The software also allows you to ensure alignment of your teams through the setting of OKRs (objectives and key results).

Key features:

  • rapid information gathering 
  • high-five feature

Limitations / disadvantages: Handling requires some effort


  • Basic plan at $7 per month per user 
  • Plus plan at $14 per month per user
  • Performance plan on quotation

9. BambooHR

The HR tool that puts your employees before processes

BambooHR employee engagement

BambooHR is a SaaS software for human resources management. It is a particularly effective software to ensure the onboarding of your new employees quickly and easily.

Key features:

  • simple but effective interface 
  • reactive support 
  • facilitating onboarding and offboarding

Limitations / drawbacks: a large number of features that require time to be fully understood


  • 7-day free trial
  • see price information on the publisher's website

10. TINYpulse

An employee engagement tool based on the frequency of feedback

Tinypulse employee engagement

TINYpulse is a SaaS software that sends a question to your employees every week to take the pulse of your company. The answers are anonymous, promote sincerity, and allow you to adapt your management accordingly.

Key features:

  • intuitive dashboard 
  • pulse surveys (regular surveys) 
  • notifications

Limitations / disadvantages: customization possibilities (form of questions, frequency...) to be developed

Pricing: starting at $5 per month per user

11. Impraise

The tool that counts on clear and precise employee alignment to improve performance.

Impraise employee engagement

Impraise is software that allows you to conduct regular performance reviews of your employees and to highlight important information and get feedback from them.

Key features:

  • pleasant interface
  • possibility of integration with Slack
  • easy to use 

Limitations / drawbacks: n/a


  • Alignment plan
  • Performance plan at €5 per month per user 
  • plan Development

12. Moodwork 

The software that improves the quality of life at work (QWL) of your employees

Moodwork employee engagement

Moodwork is a web and mobile application that improves the QWL of your employees thanks to a three-step method: analysis, to allow each person to self-diagnose and find their well-being and ill-being factors; action, to improve the QWL accordingly; and finally, support.

Key features:

  • each employee is an actor of the QWL on their level 
  • Moodwork is a software that results from the work of researchers 
  • tool adapted to individual problems 

Limitations / drawbacks: n/a

Pricing: quote available on the publisher's website 

13. Zest 

The solution that brings together the three main areas of employee engagement. 

Zest employee engagement

Zest is employee engagement software that allows you to listen to your employees, monitor them, and share with them more often. With regular surveys, mood checks, and feedback that replace traditional annual performance reviews, you can ensure that you are at the heart of your teams' lives.

Key features:

  • flexible tool that allows you to use it as closely as possible to your business 
  • available on mobile devices

Limitations / disadvantages:

  • some features need to be improved 
  • fairly high pricing for small businesses 


  • Essential plan 
  • Intermediate plan
  • Complete Suite plan 

Bonus: Google Form

Google's tool for creating customizable forms

employee engagement Google form

Google Form is a tool that is part of Google Workspace. It allows you to create customizable forms to conduct surveys and generate graphs of all responses in real time.

Key features:

  • very easy-to-use tool 
  • anonymization 

Limitations / disadvantages:

  • necessary to use a Gmail address
  • a tool that is not particularly dedicated to employee engagement


  • Business Starter plan at €4.68 per month per user 
  • Business Standard plan at €9.36 per month per user
  • Business Plus plan at €15.60 per month per user 
  • Enterprise plan on quotation from the sales department
  • 14-day free trial

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