Best software for teleworking in 2024

Check out our top 10 best teleworking solutions.

Best software for teleworking in 2024

Discover our comparison of the 12 best solutions to facilitate remote work in your organization.

Do you need tooptimize the collaboration and communication of your remote teams

Are you looking for a solution to increase the productivity of your remote employees? 

In order to meet employees' needs for flexibility, more and more organizations are turning to different teleworking solutions.

Thanks to these tools, employees not only gain in work efficiency but also enjoy a better work-life balance.


Discover our top 12 best remote work software


  1. Talkspirit
  2. M-work
  3. Jamespot
  4. Lumapps
  5. Wimi
  6. Slack
  7. Klaxoon
  8. Zoom
  9. Teams
  10. Asana
  11. Livestorm
  12. Mattermost

Find out which solution best meets your needs.

1. Talkspirit 

The all-in-one remote work solution that simplifies information exchange, facilitates collaborative work and boosts team communication



Talkspirit is an enterprise social network developed entirely in France that completely revolutionizes team communication in the workplace. An all-in-one collaborative platform, Talkspirit enables real-time conversations viachat and video conferencing. It is therefore a perfect solution to facilitate remote work among your teams. 

Key features:

Limitations / disadvantages: Talkspirit is a versatile solution that is not necessarily ideal if you are looking for a solution for a single, specific need.



  • paid plans from €5 / month / user(decreasing rate from 500 users and preferential conditions for associations)  
  • 15-day free trial  
  • free and personalized demo 

Learn more from Talkspirit users' feedback 

2. M-work

The remote work and flex-office software that simplifies the organization of hybrid work and optimizes office management

M-work is a SaaS platform that simplifies work environment management, team scheduling and telecommuting tracking for companies. Designed for HR managers, General Services and management, the application enables more efficient organization of the work environment, integrated with your IS (Microsoft, Google, HRIS...)

Key features:

  • Desk booking
  • Remote work policy management
  • Hybrid team online scheduling
  • Occupancy and remote work data
  • Meeting room and shared resource booking
  • Company parking management

Limitations / disadvantages: Free plan with limited features for large teams


  • Free s-work plan for small teams
  • M-work plan starting at €4 per month for advanced features and dashboards
  • Enterprise plan upon quote


One of the French leaders in enterprise social networking and an all-in-one teleworking solution 

Jamespot intranet


Jamespot is an  enterprise social network and a100% Frenchremote work tool that facilitates team collaboration, even from a distance. The tool simplifies the sharing of information thanks to business applications that can be accessed at the click of a button. 


Key features:

  • a large number of downloadable in-house applications
  • customizable and ready-to-use 
  • data hosted in Europe 
  • customized and configurable workflows

Limitations / disadvantages:

  • need to download the modules in order to be able to use certain functionalities
  • technical support necessary to take full advantage of the platform's flexibility
  • analytical function to be developed


Rates: from €4 / month per user.

4. LumApps 

Engage and connect your employees on a remote work solution that allows for integration with Google Workplace and Microsoft 365.


LumApps is a platform that boosts communication and employee engagement in your organization. With this teleworking solution, you can connect all your business tools and applications (including Google Workspace and Microsoft 365). 

Key features: 

● customization of the interface 

● access to business applications 

● agenda and team drive 

● available in 15 languages 

● officially approved by Google and Microsoft 

● native integrations with Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace

Limitations / disadvantages: 

● no free trial available, pricing mainly by quotation

● more oriented toward project and knowledge management than collaboration  

● intrinsically linked to Microsoft and Google collaborative solutions, therefore subject to the Cloud Act * 

Price: only with a quote 


5. Wimi 

The software for simple and efficient remote work 

Wimi interface

Wimi is a team management and teleworking tool that facilitates team collaboration. Project tracking is particularly clear on Wimi. With shared files, messaging channels, calendars and video conferencing, all employees can work from home easily

Key features:

  • all-in-one project management solution
  • intuitive and clear interface
  • data hosted in France

Limitations/disadvantages: too many notifications received by email (manually adjustable)



  • from €3 / month and per user, with a free 14-day trial period.



The preferred teleworking solution for start-ups

Slack interface


Slack is a team messaging and remote work solution that improves your productivity at home by streamlining your internal conversations. Slack allows you to organize your exchanges, not in silos, but in customizable chat channels. This way, you can reduce the number of daily exchanges, while increasing your productivity while remote. 


Key features:

  • a wide range of integrations
  • strong customization of tools
  • organizational channels 

Limitations / disadvantages:

  • high recurrence of notifications that may reduce productivity while working remotely
  • publisher subject to the Cloud Act* 


  • from €6,25/month per user, with a free version available


7. Klaxoon

The remote work toolkit that makes your meetings more interactive and effective.

klaxoon interface


Klaxoon facilitates remote meetings and training by stimulating the exchange of ideas through brainstorming activities and boosting employee participation. Accessible from any device, the tool offers a playful and educational concept that makes remote meetings more dynamic.


Key features:

  • brainstorms via a Board, a virtual whiteboard with a post-it system
  • integration of numerous collaborative tools such as Teams, Skype or Zoom
  • possibility of conducting surveys
  • downloadable PDF reports
  • no installation necessary

Limitations / disadvantages: 

  • free version with limited functionalities: no integrations, no data import/export, no access to polls, capsules, quizzes, adventures and missions...
  • limited storage depending on the selected tariff (5 GB in Board version)


  • from €3.40 ex VAT Microsoft Teams Essentials with a freemium version


8. Zoom

The cloud-based videoconferencing platform and a must-have for teleworking

interface zoom


Zoom is a video conferencing platform widely used for remote working. It allows meetings and webinars to be held in high definition. Zoom also allows file sharing and the creation of groups for collective work sessions. 


Key features:

  • integration of HD audio and video
  • transcripts and recordings
  • discussion groups
  • integration of collaboration tools

Limitations / disadvantages:

  • user support not optimal
  • stability of the mobile solution could be improved
  • publisher subject to the Cloud Act* 


  • free plan
  • Pro plan at €13.99 per month per license 
  • Business plan at €18.99 per month per license (up to 300 participants)
  • Enterprise plan at €18.99 per month per license (up to 500 participants)
  • Zoom United Business plan at €33 per month per license 


9. Microsoft Teams 

Microsoft's tool for remote meetings

microsoft teams interface

Microsoft Teams is integrated with the Microsoft 365 suite of tools as a collaboration hub. Teams allows you tohold remote meetings, call colleagues or people outside your organization, and facilitate multi-party conversations. 


Key features:

  • recording of meetings 
  • live subtitles
  • screen sharing 

Limitations / disadvantages:

  • no access without an email address
  • publisher subject to the Cloud Act* 


  • free plan
  • Microsoft 365 Business Basic plan at just €4.20 per month per user
  • Microsoft 365 Business Standard plan at just €10.50 per month per user 
  • Office 365 E3 plan at €19.70 per month per user 


10. Asana

A tool to help employees organize themselves while working remotely

Asana project management


Asana is a SaaS software that allows your teams to easily assign tasks to each other andorganize their work, whether they are telecommuting or in the office. In short, you waste less time "working around work".

Key features:

  • Kanban method
  • systemic task dependency management
  • several possible chronological views
  • useful for managing complex projects 

Limitations/disadvantages: the tool may be too customisable and requires some time to adapt 


  • Free Basic Plan
  • Premium plan from €10.99 / month per user
  • Business plan from €24.99 / month per user 
  • Enterprise plan


11. Livestorm  

An all-in-one video conferencing tool and a great alternative to Zoom


internal communication Livestorm


Livestorm is a video communication platform that allows you to implement an effective and direct internal communication strategy. Accessible from your browser, Livestorm makes it easy to organize online events such as webinars.

Key features:

  • unlimited webinars in HD
  • integrated chat, survey and question modules
  • screen sharing

Limitations / disadvantages: NC


  • free starter plan
  • Premium plan at €89 per month
  • Enterprise plan on request


12. Mattermost

The open source secure team messaging app. 


mattermost interface


Mattermost has most of the features of Slack. It is an open source instant messaging solution ideal for DevOps teams who often work from home. The platform allows you to centralize all your workflows and communications thanks to several features such as video conferencing, chat, groups/channels, file sharing...

Key features:

  • instant messaging
  • secure self-hosting
  • file sharing and search on different devices
  • a large number of plugins and bots to increase efficiency
  • possibility to import your data from Slack
  • no storage limit

Limitations / disadvantages:

  • limited number of integrations
  • mobile application to be improved
  • need to install the application locally
  • publisher subject to the Cloud Act*

Price: starts at $10 per month per user. Free version for small teams (fewer than 10 people).


Did you know? 

The Cloud Act is a 2018 US federal law that allows the Department of Justice to order a US internet service provider (incl. any SaaS vendor) to access data stored on its servers, even on those located outside the US. 

- - - - - - - 


Now you just have to make your choice! :) 


Each solution mentioned has its advantages and disadvantages, so take advantage of the trial versions offered to choose the one that will suit you best and make it as easy as possible for your employees to work remotely.

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