Best digital workplaces in 2024

Discover our comparison of the 13 best digital workplace software that best meet the needs of your employees.

Best digital workplaces in 2024

Discover our comparison of the 13 best digital workplace software that best meet the needs of your employees.

Are your employees increasingly teleworking?

Do your employees constantly juggle from one collaborative tool to another ?

Do your teams need a solution that allows them to work anytime, anywhere and from any device ?

There is a solution!

To meet the flexibility needs of employees who are often on the move, more and more organizations are turning to the digital workplace : a unified work environment that brings together all your business applications, communication and collaboration tools, and secure storage space on the same platform. This digital workplace is the ideal answer to the challenges of the agile enterprise, since it facilitates information sharing, makes collaborative work more fluid, and offers an employee experience that is 100% compatible with new ways of working.

Here are the 13 best digital workplaces and their main assets:

1) Talkspirit

2) Jamespot

3) Jalios

4) LumApps

5) SharePlace

6) eXo Platform

7) Happeo

8) Jostle

9) Kissflow

10) Unily

11) Wrike

12) Beekeeper

13) Bitrix24

Find out which solution best meets your needs.

1. Talkspirit

The digital workplace that simplifies the exchange of information, streamlines collaborative work and boosts internal communication.

Talkspirit Interface

More than an enterprise social network, Talkspirit Talkspirit is a secure digital workplace100% made in France that facilitates the sharing of information and documents, simplifies teamwork and streamlines internal communication, in order to offer the best possible employee experience. Talkspirit brings together all the essential collaboritive features and communication tools essential to work on a single platform and in an agile manner: sharing and co-editing of office documents, chat, video conferencing, surveys, checklists , and more. The software is intended for companies, associations, and administrations alike. Its customers include:Gîtes de France, CEA, Eckès Granini, and the French Army.

Key features:

  • complete all-in-one platform
  • easy to handle and use
  • centralization of internal resources (directory, organization chart, documents, and more)
  • real-time storage, sharing, and co-editing of documents
  • more than 1,000 integrations to automate the distribution of information
  • multi-domain accessibility and without email, to bring together ALL your employees
  • responsive customer service and user support (FR and EN) seven days a week
  • machine translation in eight languages
  • GDPR : data hosted in the EU (at OVHcloud)

Limitations / disadvantages: Talkspirit is a versatile solution that is not necessarily ideal if you are looking for a solution for a single, specific need.


  • paid plans starting at €5/month per user. Rates decrease rate after 500 users. Preferential conditions for associations.
  • free trial (15 days)
  • free personalized demo

Discover the users' opinion of Talkspirit

2. Jamespot

Boost the collaborative potential and productivity of your teams!

Jamespot interface

Jamespot is an SaaS digital workplace software that allows you to improve your business processes and connect all of your employees in order to improve day-to-day cohesion. The platform allows you to install several applications depending on the needs of your teams: Microsoft 365, Google WorkspaceZoho, calendar, documents, business applications, and more.

Key features:

  • ready-to-use customizable platform
  • modular, with many downloadable internal applications
  • ability to set up customized workflows
  • publishing, hosting and customer service 100% French

Limitations / disadvantages:

  • need to download the modules in order to be able to use certain functionalities
  • technical support necessary to take full advantage of the platform's flexibility
  • analytical function to be developed

Price: starts at €5 per month per user, with a free 30-day trial of the Premium version

3. Jalios

Centralize access to business applications to collaborate and communicate more effectively

Jalios interface

JPlatform is the digital workplace solution from the French publisher JaliosIt enables everyone to organize their workspace, develop business applications, streamline task management and communicate synchronously. This all-in-one platform also has several knowledge management functions: document bases, search engine, identification of employee expertise, etc.

Key features:

  • community and collaborative spaces
  • functional richness and modularity
  • custom workspace with multiple business applications
  • sharing and editing of documents, with version management
  • creation of a catalogue of knowledge with Social Learning
  • Task management with the kanban view
  • integration with Microsoft 365
  • available in 16 languages

Limitations / Disadvantages:

  • training required to use some of the features
  • pricing only on quotation (online purchase not possible)
  • no live video

Price: Jalios Workplace MS 365 Edition plan at €5 per user per month, excluding VAT.

4. Lumapps

Connect and engage your employees on a solution integrated with Google Workspace and Microsoft 365.

Lumapps interface

LumApps is a platform for boosting communication, communication andemployee engagement in your organization. With this digital workplace solution, you can connect all your business tools and applications (including Microsoft and Google tool suites).

Key features:

  • interface customization
  • access to business applications
  • calendar and team drive
  • available in 15 languages
  • officially approved by Google and Microsoft
  • native integrations with Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace

Limitations / disadvantages:

  • no free trial available, pricing only available with a quote
  • more oriented towards project management and knowledge management than collaboration
  • intrinsically linked to the Microsoft and Google collaborative solutions, therefore subject to the Cloud Act*

Price: only with a quote

5. SharePlace

The smart and secure collaborative workspace that increases your efficiency.

Shareplace interface

SharePlace is a collaborative tool based onartificial intelligence, which allows you toincrease the productivity and quality of life at work of your teams, thanks to a unified user experience. This digital workplace protects your data through end-to-end encryption and blockchain technology.

Key features:

  • organization in workspaces
  • centralization and sharing of documents with rights management
  • Task management with kanban boards
  • full traceability of data for greater transparency
  • data hosting in France
  • possibility to invite your customers, partners and service providers
  • personalized action suggestions for each user thanks to artificial intelligence

Limitations / disadvantages:

  • business rate only on quotation
  • number of users limited to 50, and no more support in the Team version at €8
  • the storage space made available depends on the chosen tariff
  • no directory or organization chart

Price: from €8 / month per user. Free version and 15-day free trial.

6. eXo Platform

The flexible solution to connect your employees, customers and partners in real time.

eXo Platform interface

eXo Platform is a Frenchdigital platform that strengthens communication, collaboration and knowledge sharing between employees to improve their performance. This digital workplace also facilitates recognition between colleagues thanks to several gamification features.

Key features:

  • custom news feed
  • creation of project spaces and communities of interest
  • internal knowledge base to centralize knowledge
  • sharing and co-editing of documents within each space
  • task manager
  • access to applications and business processes
  • gamification: leaderboards, kudos, points system convertible into virtual money

Limitations / disadvantages:

  • no free trial version
  • user interface to be improved
  • platform implementation may take time
  • user guide in English only

Price: from €4 / month per user (for at least 100 users)

7. Happeo

Enhance the employee experience and connect all your internal resources.

Happeo interface

Happeo is a digital workplace solution for Google Workspace that streamlines internal communication, creates cohesion and facilitates information sharing, allowing employees to work anywhere, anytime. The platform allows you to group users into communities, where you can share and edit Google Drive documents, without even leaving the interface.

Key features:

  • Google Cloud partner (integration of all Google Workspace tools)
  • Slack integration
  • centralization of other productivity tools (directory, page editors, channels...)
  • certifications: ISO 27001 & GDPR
  • creation of dynamic and intuitive pages
  • data hosted in Europe (Finland & Netherlands)

Limitations / disadvantages:

  • no access to or integration with Microsoft 365 software and other collaborative tools
  • lack of collaboration features
  • poor ergonomics
  • limited analytics function

Price: only on quotation, with a free 7-day trial version

8. Jostle

Gather all your employees and develop your business culture.

Jostle interface

Jostle's digital workplace allows you to connect your entire organization to facilitate exchanges and improveemployee engagement. The platform allows you to bring your corporate culture to life with several key features: chat, groups, video conferencing, information and document sharing, surveys, etc.

Key features:

  • usability
  • access to internal resources (organization chart, directory, file library...)
  • document storage and sharing
  • task management module to monitor the progress of projects
  • creation of custom HTML pages
  • accessible from a television with JostleTV
  • integrations with Google Workspace, Microsoft 365 and Slack

Limitations / disadvantages:

  • publisher subject to the Cloud Act*
  • lack of customization options
  • integrations to be developed
  • analysis function to be improved

Price: starts at $4 per month per user, with a free 14-day trial version

9. Kissflow

The unified platform that facilitates collaboration and project management.

Kissflow interface

Kissflow is a digital working environment that allows you to automate all your business processes without any code, to facilitate collaborative work and project management on a daily basis. With this intelligent platform, all employees can create an automated process, analyse the data of this process, and coordinate their projects with Kanban boards.

Key features:

  • customizable platform
  • creation and management of workflows with out-of-the-box applications
  • Google Workspace and Zapier integrations
  • creation of groups with different levels of confidentiality (public, private and secret)
  • publications and surveys
  • ability to publish anonymous posts
  • Dynamic task creation and assignment with kanban view

Limitations / disadvantages:

  • high pricing, increasing with number of users
  • few communication features: no chat or video conferencing
  • publisher subject to the Cloud Act*
  • training may be required to handle the tool properly

Price: starts at $390 per month (for 20 users), with a 14-day free trial

10. Unily

Boost employee engagement and improve communication in your company.

Unily interface

Unily's digital workplace solution aims to improve theemployee experience and productivity of teams thanks to several communication features (groups, news feed, publications...) and content management (creation of pages, forms, surveys). The platform allows you to connect all your employees, including blue collar workers.

Key features:

  • integration with Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace
  • centralization of internal resources: directory, organization chart, documents...
  • organization of conversations by channels
  • creation of internal newsletters
  • customization of the employee experience
  • gaming features: badges, point system
  • access for your partners and service providers

Limitations / disadvantages:

  • high pricing
  • not possible to modify documents directly in the platform
  • need to know how to code to customize some options
  • publisher subject to the Cloud Act*

Price: starts at $4.995 per month, with a free trial version

11. Wrike

The all-in-one software to manage your projects and collaborate remotely.

Wrike interface

Wrike is a collaborative software for agile teams that creates a streamlined digital work environment with custom request forms, Gantt charts, Kanban boards, and project management templates. With built-in review and approval capabilities, the platform also allows you to speed up decision-making processes in the company.

Key features:

  • customizable platform
  • Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft 365 integrations
  • task manager with Gantt charts
  • project management models
  • shared calendars
  • custom performance reports

Limitations / disadvantages:

  • limited number of users depending on the package chosen
  • some modules can only be accessed with  an additional fee
  • limited storage space depending on the chosen version
  • more oriented towards project management than internal communication
  • getting used to it takes time
  • publisher subject to the Cloud Act*

Price: starts at $9.80 per month per user. Free version and 14-day free trial.

12. Beekeeper

Increase the commitment of your blue-collar workers and facilitate communication with the field.

Beekeeper interface

Beekeeper is a digital workplace application that connects your office and field employees, transmits information to them remotely and allows them toincrease their productivity. It is a tool particularly suited to industries with teams spread over several sites (hotels, production, trade, construction, etc.).

Key features:

  • instant messaging
  • sharing company news and documents
  • instant message translation
  • workflow automation: chatbots, ad scheduling, and more.
  • employee development
  • surveys that provide instant feedback

Limitations / disadvantages:

  • no videoconferencing
  • no shared calendar
  • not possible to share videos
  • non-customizable interface

Price: only with a quote, but with a free 30-day trial version.

13. Bitrix24

The open-source software that improves the productivity of small teams

Innterface Bitrix24

Bitrix24 is a unified digital workplace that facilitates exchanges between employees and allows them to access all their documents and projects. The publisher offers a fairly comprehensive free version that may be suitable for small companies.

Key features:

  • creation of groups and knowledge bases
  • shared calendar synchronizable with Google Calendar or Outlook
  • unlimited free users
  • enterprise drive to store and share your documents
  • custom news feed
  • Project System with Kanban boards
  • available on the cloud and on-promise
  • access for external users

Limitations / disadvantages:

  • limited storage according to the chosen price (only 10 GB for the first price version)
  • limited number of users for paid versions
  • customer support to be improved
  • The large number of features can make the interface difficult to navigate.
  • Interface is not very ergonomic and lacks customization options.

Price: starts at €24 / month per user. Free version and 30-day free trial.

*CloudAct: US federal law on the surveillance of personal data, adopted in 2018, which obliges US service providers to provide the federal authorities with all stored data on request, regardless of the location of the servers (even in the EU) (Source: Wikipedia)

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Now it's up to you :)

As we have seen, all digital workplaces are different, both in terms of function and aesthetics. Choose the one that will help your employees to communicate and collaborate on a daily basis. Many of these platforms offer demos, so don't hesitate!

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