Best sovereign collaborative solutions in 2024

Discover our top 10 best sovereign collaborative solutions.

Best sovereign collaborative solutions in 2024

Do you think that digital sovereignty is a current issue ?

Do you think we should be more careful about controlling our data?

Do you want to continue toequip your teams' communication and collaboration with quality software

Discover our top 10 best sovereign solutions for remote working:

  1. Talkspirit
  2. Jamespot
  3. Jalios
  4. Netframe
  5. Whaller
  6. Wimi 
  7. Watcha
  8. Acollab
  9. Atolia
  10. InterStis

And choose the one that suits you best. 

1. Talkspirit

The French collaborative nugget that competes with the GAFAM 

Talkspirit interface

Talkspirit is a versatile French collaborative platform that stands out from its competitors (including Slack, Google Workplace, Mattermost, or Rocket-Chat) thanks to several assets such as its ease of use and its high level of data protection. In 2020, the GetApp ranking names Talkspirit Category Leader in two categories: "chat and instant messaging" (first place) and "remote work/teleworking" (second place). What could be better than a sovereign, high-performance solution?   

Key features:

  • reactions to messages
  • direct responses to a message
  • @mentions    
  • bookmarked conversations
  • customizable thematic groups
  • integrated chat 
  • screen sharing
  • dynamic display of participants 
  • user speaking time 

Limitations / disadvantages: Talkspirit is a versatile tool that is not ideal if you are looking for a chat solution only.


  • paid plans from €5/month per user (and less with 500 users or more, and with preferential conditions for associations)  
  • free trial (15 days) 
  • free personalized demo 

Learn more from Talkspirit users' feedback 

2. Jamespot  

A French leader in enterprise social networking and teleworking

Jamespot intranet

Jamespot is an enterprise social network and a Frenchcollaborative platform that optimizes team collaboration—even remotely. Sharing information is simplified and business applications are accessible in one click.

Key features:

  • ready-to-use customizable platform
  • modular, with many downloadable internal applications
  • ability to set up customized workflows
  • publishing, hosting and customer service 100% French

Limitations / disadvantages:

  • need to download the modules in order to be able to use certain functionalities
  • technical support necessary to take full advantage of the platform's flexibility
  • analytical function to be developed

Pricing: from € 4 / month per user, with a free 30-day trial of the Premium version.

3. Jalios

The French software to be efficient together and at a distance

Jalios interface

JPlatform is the solution for digital workplace solution from the French publisher JaliosThis all-in-one platform also offers several knowledge management functions: document bases, search engine, identification of employee expertise, etc. This all-in-one platform also has several knowledge management functions: document bases, search engine, identification of employee expertise, etc.

Key features:

  • community and collaborative spaces
  • functional richness and modularity
  • custom workspace with multiple business applications
  • sharing and editing of documents, with version management
  • creation of a catalogue of knowledge with Social Learning
  • Task management with the kanban view
  • integration with Office 365
  • available in 16 languages

Limitations / disadvantages:

  • training required to use some of the features
  • pricing only on quotation (online purchase not possible)
  • no live video


  • Jalios Workplace MS 365 Edition plan at €5 excl. tax/user per month
  • Jalios Workplace Liberty Edition plan at €7 excl. tax/user per month
  • Jalios Workplace Google Edition plan at €5 excl. tax/user per month

More information on the publisher's website. 

4. Netframe

The French collaborative platform for all companies, organizations and projects.

Netframe interface

Netframe is a collaborative platform for projects, teams, VSBs and SMEs, collaborations between different or geographically distant entities. It is a tool that simplifies work and makes it more enjoyable—even remotely.

Key features:

  • news feed that allows you to filter the news you want to follow
  • groups
  • rights management on the platform

Limitations/disadvantages: no access to the platform without a professional email address.


  • Standard plan at €5/month per user
  • Company plan at €9/month per user
  • Free 30-day trial. 

5. Whaller

The secure platform for collaborative networks

Whaller interface

Whaller is a simple and complete solution that allows companies, schools, associations, and individuals to build their own collaborative networks and facilitate daily remote work.

Key features:

  • very fine management of communities 
  • intranet overlay 
  • internal portal and public portal 
  • solution available on-premise

Limitations / drawbacks: ergonomics to be improved


  • Free standard plan 
  • Pro plan at €3/month per user
  • Business and Enterprise plans on quotation

6. Wimi 

The software for simple and efficient teamwork 

Wimi interface

Wimi is a project management tool that facilitates team collaboration. Project tracking is particularly clear on Wimi. Thanks to messaging channels, shared files, calendars and video conferencing, all employees can work together easily, even when working from home. In addition, Wimi provides a management of access rights to the platform that is ideal for including customers and sharing specific data with them.

Key features:

  • all-in-one project management solution
  • clear and intuitive interface 
  • data hosting in France

Limitations/disadvantages: many notifications received by email (manually adjustable).


  • from €3 / month and per user, with a free 14-day trial period.

7. Watcha 

The open source collaborative platform for safe working

Watcha interface

Watcha is a "secure digital workplace"—a simple and secure digital collaboration solution for professionals.

Key features:

  • instant messaging 
  • chat rooms from 3 people 
  • videoconferencing
  • file storage
  • invitation on the platform 
  • web and mobile applications

Limitations / drawbacks: n/a


  • Start plan at €39.90/month
  • Plus plan at €149/month
  • Standard plan at €249/month

8. Acollab

The simple, efficient and secure collaborative platform for remote working

Acollab interface

Acollab is a web-based collaborative platform designed to create and manage collaboration spaces, share files and other information with your teams, communicate effectively with your collaborators, manage projects and shared agendas, and track time spent. Acollab is a complete tool to improve the efficiency of your teams, especially when working from home. Moreover, all data is hosted in France in complete security.

Key features:

  • usability
  • versatility 

Limitations/disadvantages: no access to the platform without a professional email address


  • Acollab plan at 5€ HT /month per user
  • Acollab + plan at 7€ HT /month per user

9. Atolia

The secure collaborative space 

Atolia interface

Atolia is a start-up launched in 2018 in Strasbourg that simplifies team exchanges with its application. It brings together all the tools needed for team communication and organization—a real asset to avoid multiplying tools and to equip employees for remote work.

Key features:

  • ergonomics
  • versatility
  • project management module with label system

Limitations/disadvantages: integration system with third-party applications to be strengthened


  • Free standard plan
  • Premium plan at €11 per user per month
  • Quotations available for enterprise plan
  • free trial

10. InterStis

The collaborative platform of responsible actors

InterStis interface

Interstis is a collaborative platform that facilitates remote and team work. For more secure, sustainable and human organizations.

Key features:

  • usability
  • shared diaries 
  • task management
  • videoconferencing
  • integrated collaboration suite 

Limitations/disadvantages: poorly developed integration system with third-party applications


  • A la carte plan from €15 excl. tax/month per space
  • Unlimited plan on quotation
  • 32-day free trial
  • special plans for health professionals. More information on the publisher's website.

Did you know that? 

The Cloud Act is a 2018 US federal law that allows the Department of Justice to order a US internet service provider (incl. any SaaS vendor) to access data stored on its servers, even on those located outside the US.

A law to which the software publishers presented in this Top of the best sovereign solutions for remote working are not subject. 

- - - - - - - -

Now it's up to you to make a choice! :) 

Each of these solutions has its advantages and disadvantages, so don't hesitate to take advantage of the trial versions offered to make the right decision and simplify teleworking for employees. 

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